Sunday, September 12, 2010

...growing orbits...


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  1. or maybe i am a bit of i reflect him...smiles.

  2. I was a bit startled, Bonnie, to see this lovely posting this morning because I read through Rilke's poem several times yesterday, trying to find some comfort and solace as my "growing orbits" take me closer to something else, but also further away from old touchstones. On most days, I feel like a falcon, circling in search of ways to become a great song, but today I woke up feeling like a storm. Thanks to your posting, however, the clouds are beginning to clear and I will soon return to the skies.

    Your photo is beautiful and fully captures the essence of the poem, with the mysterious combination of darkness, clouds, sunrise, and soaring birds. May the day bring you some unexpected joy!

  3. Brian: Yes it would be wise to take the either/or equation out of it. We flow from one to the next ... and each has its purpose. Not so sure that I see the reference by Rilke to 'God' as a 'him', but I respect that you do.

  4. George: It is not infrequent that our postings and private musings have been in sinc. It is affirming and somewhat comforting to open a book, a conversation or a blog to find something touching on our current experience right there!

    Thank you for the wish of a day with the gift of unexpected joy. I will watch for it and think of you.


    the image is breath-taking, powerful and intense. It is perfect for the poem within. For me, the storm is passing...........I know other swirls of fury are around yet I am calm today in the core.

    Love to you
    peace. hope and healing.....

  6. A beautiful photograph matched with equally beautiful words.

  7. A great combination! Perfect for Sunday!

  8. Wow, I found this topic particularly interesting.


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