Friday, August 13, 2010

quotes & questions

We have discovered that fear of self-knowledge is often parallel to fear of the outside world.
~Abraham Maslow

(Do you resist deepening your understanding of yourself?)


The human spirit is too large to accept a cage for its home.
~Huston Smith

(Are you living in a 'cage' of your own construction?)


I am the eye with which the Universe
Beholds itself and knows itself divine.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

(Do you see the divine in the daily?)


A manipulated photograph of mine to please your eye (I hope!).
Some quotes and questions to feed your mind (Maybe?!).
I'd love to hear your reactions to any or all of the above.

P.S.  Nancy asked to see a close-up view of the centre pole.  This is the best I can do right now in the time available to me.  It is, as you thought Nancy, a collage of posters.  Pretty isn't it?


  1. it is the sky that makes this picture for eerie calm it seems...

    and thanks for filling my head with things to think about all day...jeesh! smiles.

  2. Well I love the photo..perfect for the post. I do think worrying about things..and ignoring your internal truth makes the reality seem worse than it might really be...sometimes ya just gotta step out there in faith and go for whatever is terrifying in your head. Often once you to the truth is neither our inner talk or the real world are nearly as frightening as we might think! Did that make sense?? I think I need coffee...hugs hon, Sarah

  3. I love the photo, Bonnie, and, as you would surely know, I love the quotes and the questions. I agree entirely with Maslow. In fact, I think that lack of self-knowledge is the reason that so many live in a constant state of anxiety about the outside world and all of its perceived threats. If one identifies with outward forms, rather than that which is inner and formless, increased vulnerability seems inevitable because all forms, by definition, are subject to loss and destruction.

    I also agree with Huston Smith, whose work i have long admired. The quote on the cage reminded me of Maya Angelou's poem, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," a part of which reads as follows:

    "The caged bird sings
    with a fearful trill
    of things unknown
    but longed for still
    and his tune is heard
    on the distant hill
    for the caged bird
    sings of freedom."

    As for Shelley's quote, I have longed felt that divinity is infused in everything and everyone -- you, me, the best of us and the worst of us. We are all part of a wonderful, mysterious, and divine journey.

  4. Sarah: Rilke somewhere says exactly what you are saying. Something about all the scary things inside really being parts of us that require our love and attention.

  5. George: Could I somehow persuade you to write my blog for me? :0) Beautifully said - and thank you for sharing Angelou's poem with us.

  6. great thoughts!
    i would love to see a "close up" of the centre pole?? it looks like a wonderful mosaic!
    one of my favorite quotes>>>>>
    " hope is the dream of a soul awake"
    french proverb

  7. I love the photo and think the posters on the pole look cool!


    Oh my, such interesting and provoking quotes and questions.

    1 - For the most part I search for deeper self understanding. I believe that I have good insight and truth upon which I can rely.

    2- Oh yes, but I don't refer to it as a cage but rather a safe haven. Our home is a safe haven where we and many find solace, love, laughter and music. I must admit I was getting a bit of cabin fever with this MS Setback and realize that I must get out and "Live" beyond this safe haven.

    3 - Oh goodness yes, I SO See the 'divine' in the daily, and have for a very long time. A simple meal, watching the humming birds and the flight paterns of the butterflies, the sounds of morning and the changing hues across the windows, teat with a friend, my husband's arms, oh I could go on and on........

    and that ceter pole is wondrous. wow

    thanks Bonnie for the purposeful post on so many levels

    Love Gail
    Pece and hope./....

  9. Once I enlarged the photo it became very intriquing. Love your added effect. Re the quotes: I agree with Maslow. As within so without. I feel the 'cage' is the illusionary prison caused by fear.

  10. If I have learned one thing in my life it is this:

    Kid others as much as you think you can get away with, tell mild lies, when necessary, big lies if your life depends on it, but never ever, NEVER EVER, lie to yourself.

    PS I don't tell lies for fun or lightly, and I certainly don't advocate doing so.

  11. I don't know if it's that I don't resist deepening, but I sure do analyze my processes to death. Or, to life maybe.

    Shelley's quote is how I see. I'm glad he wrote it.

  12. Abraham Maslow's quote just stirred something in me, and it wasn't pleasant at first (Thanks a lot, Abraham).

    I've been in a healing process for the last few months, which has caused new thoughts and feelings, and questions. Requiring honest answers. Your entire post has created a dialogue within my brain, and I'm happy for it. Thank you for your gentle nudges, Bonnie.

    P.S. The verification word was "plated." Interesting how that ties in with the we as a society seem to generously "plate" over the fears that cause so much pain and misunderstandings.


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