Monday, August 16, 2010

one with nature

Reality is a spiritual experience;
nature is practicing Buddhism.

~Dogen Zenji

All who have achieved real excellence in any art possess one thing in common,
a mind to obey nature,
to be one with nature throughout the four seasons of the year.


(P.S.  In response to a question from Brian, the image is a digital manipulation of an outline of a monk, a photograph of grasses, textures, some digital brushwork and tweaking of the colours.)


  1. bonnie what a powerful insight accompanied by an extraordinary image - nature is practicing buddhism. oh yes. i wonder if dogen zenji acknowledges that humans are part of nature or distinct from nature though?! steven

  2. What God creates, they are awesome...

    Claire from

  3. being one with nature...she is one of my favorites to take long walks with...smiles. wonderful textures in the pic...did you layer that or is it natural?

  4. 'to be one with nature throughout the four seasons of the year' I like this. It's the way I try to live. seeing, appreciating all stages of life, keeping in tempo. eating in season as well.

  5. I think it was Aristotle who said something to the effect that "in all things in nature there is something of the marvelous." I have been hanging on to summer and reluctant to move into fall, but I can't deny I will at some point fall for fall too, just like I have summer :)

  6. What an interesting photo! The grasses almost look like ice crystals. I like the outline of the monk and the color you chose for him.

  7. A lovely image, Bonnie. I love the earth tones, the texture, and the spiritual depth.


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