Monday, August 23, 2010

more wordle puzzles

Congratulations - most of you were able to figure out the Wordle puzzle in my Sunday post!   The correct wordings of the quotations are:
**   There are many jewels in the mouth of the dragon.  Buddhist proverb
**   The only way to overcome suffering is to endure it.  Carl Jung

Linda Sue put a nice little twist on the game, using the wordle to come up with her own versions of the quotes.  She wrote:   "There are many jewels in the mouth of the buddhist dragon.  proverb", and "To be free of suffering, you must endure Carl Jung."  (That certainly seems to be the case when you come to this blog!  :-)  

So thank you Linda Sue, we are now going to follow your example and add the option of using the words from a quote in the wordle to formulate your own phrases.   You can also try to pull together the actual quote, and  if you are really gung ho you can do both!

The above wordle is a quote from Mark Twain.  When you see a word that is larger than the rest in the wordle, it means that word appears more than once in the quote.  So, in the wordle above, the word "to" needs to be used more than once to get the quotation right.  If you choose to make up your own phrase(s) from these words, you can use any of the words more than once, but ONLY the words in the wordle.


The above wordle is a quote from Nietzsche.  The large size of the word "the" indicates it is used more than once in the quote.  Same rules apply as above.  I will post the actual quotes for you on Wednesday and will hold the comments until then too.  Good luck and enjoy!

(P.S.  It seems it is not possible for me to see a comment and not automatically click "Publish".  So since I have already compulsively published two comments, I will publish them all.  So much for that idea!  Try not to look at others' comments if you want to really challenge yourself and give those brain cells a little workout!)

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  1. What fun! I wonder if my black hole brain will allow me to see what is hidden instead of swallowing up the words!

  2. My entries in the sweepstakes:

    Twain -- "Let us endeavor to live so that when we die even the undertaker will come and be sorry."

    Nietzsche -- "He who climbs the highest mountain laughs loudest at the tragic dramas."

    Thanks for all the fun.

  3. Oooops - I said I would hold the comments and published Kathryn's automatically. Oh well, she has not given away any answers to the puzzle.

    I will try to stay awake and not publish the comments until tomorrow! :-)

  4. OMG ... I did it again. I see a comment and I just click publish!! I will go back into the post and explain my OC disorder when it comes to comments.

  5. haha. this is fun bonnie...i wrote the words down to give it an good try this back in a bit...

  6. Could you add a couple of connect the dot puzzles for me? LOL

  7. Please keep on posting such quality stories as this is a rare thing to find these days. I am always searching online for posts that can help me. Looking forward to another great blog. Good luck to the author! All the best!


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