Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sorry if I disappoint you, but the manipulations of which I speak are of the digital kind.  Here is an example of what I have done in Photoshop Elements 8 with this mixed-media painting:

Above is the simple mixed-media piece.  I specifically kept it plain and uncluttered
knowing I wanted to use it to experiment with digital manipulations.

Here the image is doubled and reversed, and as you can see the colours intensified.

Again, the image is doubled and reversed and the background given a contrasting colour.
While I quite like this one, the previous 'manipulation' is the one I prefer.


  1. Wow very strong images of manipulation... I really love the first simple mixed-media piece. Very speaking piece.

  2. i like the second accents well without changing the overall composition so much...and here i thought you were going to do another religeon post...smiles.

  3. Cor! I'd like a play around with that digital wizardry! The third one gets my vote - it has atmosphere.

  4. Very nice, Bonnie. I like the subtlety of the third image.

  5. Oh, I can see those on a wall together as a group - very nice . . .

  6. Amazing what creative effects one can achieve with a great software program. Beautiful and provokes the emotions and intellect.

  7. Hi Bonnie

    I like Kathryn's idea that they look good placed alongside each other...

    Happy days


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