Thursday, August 5, 2010

changing faces

Yes, I admit it, I am still enthralled with the possibilities of photo manipulation in Photoshop Elements 8.  I am hoping that it is a bit like a sweet dessert.  At first you can't get enough, and then suddenly your body screams "not one more bite!".  I'm waiting now for the scream.  :-)

If you are interested in learning more about Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, I would highly recommend Marie Otero as an online instructor. Her blog is Lost Aussie and her online course is entitled, Digital Magic.  She got fabulous reviews so I don't think you would be disappointed.

Below is a painting I did recently.  You will then see three other versions of it after editing in PSE 8.  These are, of course, the ones that worked.  Some manipulations and adjustments end up not worth keeping.  I did like these, however.  I'd love to hear your honest assessment.

recent painting

same painting edited in PSE with filters, textures and overlayed with a photo of mine of a pink, drooping peony

same painting edited in PSE with textures, filters and overlayed with photograph of flowerets from a hydrangea

same painting edited in PSE - my favourite

I leave you with a few words about the creative process from Carl Jung:

"Just as conscious contents can vanish into the unconscious,
other contents can arise from it ...
Creative ideas can appear
that were never conscious before.
They grow up from the dark depths like a lotus."


  1. Wow. That second one looks like a stylized flower!

  2. If you don't slow down, Bonnie, you are going to need another vacation. Having said that, we are all blessed by watching your creative advances. I like the first and third iterations. The first is wonderfully abstract, leaving much room for the viewer to dance with the painting. The second, though more representational, is a study in monotones, which has its own kind of appeal.

  3. nice. i think i like the 3rd variation...darker of course...the second too much gets lost i believe...

  4. I agree with Brian. I like number 3 best, though number 4 is pretty cool as well.
    In number 3 it is as if she is at one with nature.

    Nice work, Bonnie!

  5. I like #4. Not sure why, but it just grabs!


    Fascinating and beautiful - mysterious too. I love the creative designs. Wow

    Love Gail
    peace and hope.....

  7. I like the first and the last ones. So intriguing!

    You inspire me! I actually have ordered PSE and expect it in the mail tomorrow. I'm going to go check out the Lost Aussie blog you mention. Thanks!

  8. My fav is your original painting. Very interesting to see the others and what you've created. Your creative juices are sure flowing.

  9. Thanks for the Kudos Bonnie. These images are fabulous!

  10. I too have Photoshop but have yet to experiment with it.
    I like the original blue and green painting best and your favourite is my second favourite.

  11. I feel like the original is the best but the last one is really a different experimentation..

  12. Hi, Bonnie. I am back and doing some blog-catching-up. I agree with those who have said they like the 3rd variation, but I would rush to add that I like the original painting the best. Quite suggestive and mysterious. Goes well with what Jung is talking about in the quote.

  13. I, too, like the last one. It adds to the original painting, without distracting from it.


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