Thursday, August 12, 2010

an afternoon at the farmers' market

Last Saturday afternoon we headed off to a farmers' market about 15 miles from where we live.  Due to the high temps, hot sun, and higher than average rainfall this season, crops are being harvested 2 weeks earlier than usual.  It was one of the mildest summer days we have had yet, 22 Celsius or about 74 fahrenheit.

Heading through small towns on the way to a farmers' market in Laprairie.

Our last purchase at the market was one of these little dark green watermelons with yellow flesh inside.  I was more interested in taking pictures of flowers than the vegetables.  Probably because my hands were carrying bags and counting out money.  Silly me - should have done both.
Once the bags of veggies were in the car, I brought out the camera and moved to the flower displays.

Please correct me if I err, but I think these are rudbeckia or echinacea; and purple liatris.
(Friko informs us that the yellow flowers are rudbeckia.  Thanks Friko!)

A buddha in quiet contemplation.

Another buddha whose mouth curved in a funny sneer - that just had to be cropped off.

Love the combination of the coral/orange with the shocking pink.  I cannot recall the name of this plant whose crepe-y leaves take on such bold colours.  Help please!
(Delwyn informs us that these are bouganvillea.  Thanks Delwyn, I knew that but it escaped me!)

Just adore the pairing of sunset colours here.

After a hard day strolling through the farmers' market, we decided we deserved to have supper out at a nearby Japanese restaurant.   We were arriving unfashionably early.  Montrealers do not eat and go somewhere else after, e.g. to a concert ... they make an evening out of dining.  So they start late and take their time.  Thus all the empty seats.  Not to worry they will soon fill up.

 Niji has beautiful tooled metal doors.

 Buddhas are sprinkled throughout the restaurant to create a peaceful ambiance.

 A little sake is essential - before and during the meal.

 As is a bit more photography.  My poor DH.  He is SO long-suffering.

 DH encouraged me to take a picture of this naked man, in an effort to escape my lens himself.  The tomato could not be coaxed off.

 By the time we leave the restaurant the sun is setting.

Almost home.  Crossing the bridge over the river that leads to the base of our dear mountain.  We live off to the left between the mountain and the river, with a mountain stream heading to the river cutting through our land.  Tomorrow many of the vegetables purchased at the market will be made into a spicy gazpacho to serve to several members of our family visiting for the day.


  1. Hi Bonnie

    This sounds like a lovely day...the climber you loved is a bouganvillea - usually found in the more tropical climates - we have many different colours here but the coral orange one is a beauty.

    Happy days

  2. the word verif tells me that I am your sishtr...


    Oh such a wonderful day of textures, colors, dusk 'til dawn, great shopping, good food, good company and wonderful memories.

    Love to you
    peace and hope

    p.s. we had a lovely day too, out and about despite the set back challenges - I managed and enjoyed the Inn down by the water and time with my Mom too.

  4. I LOVE local farmer's produce. It just tastes so much better than "hot houses..."

  5. A lovely day out, I like those that include marketing, a bit of sightseeing and a meal. We often treat ourselves to one of them.

    definitely rudbeckia, Bonnie, but I don't know the orangey, red ones.

  6. Can life be any better? Farmers' market and good Japanese food in Montreal (I'm taking note) AND you live between mountains on a stream. My kids and I love those weird yellow watermelons too. They haven't come to our farmers' market yet.

  7. what a cool day...we love visiting th farmers market and all the rest sounds like wonderful time with DH...

  8. A good day, eh Bonnie? We've been farmer's marketing here too. Nothing like fresh produce to boost one's veggie consumption.I enjoyed seeing your part of the world, through your lens.

  9. splendid summer's day bonnie! we went to the town farmer's market on wednesday and happily it is also held on saturday. in-between times we can visit the farm just three km from here for fresh vegetables and flowers. pure luxury all around. seeing the japanese restaurant gave me a craving for sake and sushi. steven

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this day, Bonnie. Loved the farmers' market, the flowers, the dinner at the Japanese restaurant, and the drive home. Thanks for taking me alone.

  11. It was a very nice outing with you, Bonnie...DH should have turned the camera on you too, with the hands up of course! That's exactly what my grandson did when I photographed him today.

  12. Thanks for taking me along with you to the farmer's market. I enjoyed all the photos and your running commentary!

  13. Italy is ... Bonnie, congratulations for the blog


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