Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Still too hot? (reprise)

This is the same post as Monday, July 5th.  A reprise because it's still tooooooo darn hot.  Come.  Take off your shoes and step in this mountain stream with me. 

It's not freezing cold - just earth cool.  It's the perfect temperature for a day like today.  So easy to adjust to ... so exactly what you need right now.  Best of all the stream is shallow, so even though the water is rushing you will not lose your balance.  It's totally safe.  Walk around you may just spot the perfect place to sit or, if you dare, lie down.  The glorious waters will give whatever part of your body you immerse a cool, gentle massage. 

I am going to lie down in the stream and rest my head on a well-worn rock and let the refreshing waters wash all around my body.  Come.  Join me.  Find just the right spot for you.  Doesn't that feel divine?  All this beautiful, clear, pure, refreshing water there to restore your inner thermostat to its needed balance. 

You could even go so far as to imagine these are magical healing waters and as they wash past you they carry away all your hurts and cares.  Why you could even imagine these waters will take away everything toxic your mind and body have been holding onto for the past while.  Just relax there and let the 'healing' water do its work.
Remember, the body/mind cannot tell the difference between a well-imagined experience and a real one.  So give your imagination free rein, just for a minute or two, and visualize yourself being refreshed, restored and renewed in this refreshing mountain stream.

Feel better now?  Aaaaah, me too.


  1. oh i would love nothing more...it is smoking hot here today too!

  2. Ahhh, I love the thought. No ac in the retreat - just a very big fan. But I can always dream about those summers long ago by a Laurentian stream, surrounded by ancient cedars - as cool as can be. ATB!

  3. Photos are beautiful! Love the "earth cool!"

  4. I am sure you have a numbr of folks cooled off by imagination from your writing, Bonnie. It is still cool enough here that I am not sure I am quite ready for the dip. Was hiking just such a stream the other day that will soon be posted on my site. It still had a number of snowbanks from last winter dripping into the water. And now the mosquitos are out.

  5. Your photos are beautiful and cooling. Around here though there are a lot of mosquitoes near water so as you say it is better to just look at the pictures.

    oy that looks SO refreshing AND i so love feeling water and river or stream beds on my feet. these pictures are exceptional and I feel cooler just looking at them
    Also, blogger wouldn't publish your comment and two others. I clicked publish and they did not appear. I commented back and my comment didn't appear either. And you are so right, we all hang on in our own way.

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  7. Oh I feel so much better!! The dip was so refreshing and invigorating! Thanks

  8. That felt wonderful Bonnie and no need to dry!

  9. Well, much as I would like a cool stream, I'll never say it's too damn hot. I freeze too damn much the rest of the year to not like heat in copious amounts!

  10. Is your statement about the body being unable to distinguish between the well-imagined or real experience true? If so, that is going to make my life a lot easier.

    I am good at fantasising.

  11. Ahhh.. just what I needed. Thanks for that.

  12. Very refreshing! What a treat to cool me down.


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