Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Barry ~ Explorer of Life ~ 1943 - 2010

Barry Fraser
Explorer, Warrior, Friend
1943 - 2010

... May there be some beautiful surprise
Waiting for you inside death,
Something you never knew or felt,
Which with one simple touch,

Absolves you of all loneliness and loss,
As you quicken within the embrace
For which your soul was eternally made.

May your heart be speechless
At the sight of the truth
Of all belief had hoped,
Your heart breathless
In the light and lightness
Where each and everything
Is at last its true self
Within that serene belonging
That dwells beside us
On the other side
Of what we see.

~John O'Donohue
To Bless the Space Between Us

P.S.  For those of you who did not have the privilege of following Barry, at his blog, An Explorer's View of Life, you can do so by clicking here.


  1. oh such sweet and conforting words....
    When people say "I am sorry for your loss" it really says it all....Loss being for those left behind never to again enjoy the company of those that have passed on...but our loss could be thier experience exsisting without the hardships of life here on this plain...

  2. NO! I didn't hear! NO! NO NO -- I just sent him a card yesterday ....*SOB*

  3. Thank you Bonnie. He really touched us through the blog world. A man of wit, good sense, humor, insight and kindness. I love his exploration of life.
    He is free to fly now.

  4. This is so very sad. Your quote is beautiful, as well as comforting. My thoughts and prayers are with all who knew and loved Barry.

  5. Oh. The bitter-sweet blogosphere. The pleasure of getting to know people we might otherwise never meet, but then the pain of losing them. I had lurked on Barry's blog off and on. He was already ill by the time I first visited - I felt like an outsider and didn't comment. My shyness is responsible for this choice; nothing in his writing or manner indicated that a stranger wouldn't be welcome.
    At any rate I checked in from time to time.
    And now, now I feel a loss. Not sure what to do with these feelings. I'm saddenned by the loss of a man I never met, yet liked. Sad for those who did know him in the blogosphere, and sad for those who new and loved him in person.
    Rest in Peace Barry.

  6. when i saw this...this heart broke...the world lost a good soul...

  7. What a beautiful poem you have chosen for Barry, that dear, brave, funny man.

  8. I was going to say this was a beautiful parting touch, but it seems more like a beautiful welcome message for Barry on thet "other side" in that new place where he will now dwell forever.

  9. Oh Bonnie I just heard in tears..what a beautiful tribute!! Hugs, Sarah

  10. Ringing another bell here, for Barry.

  11. Always sad to lose a friend - may he rest in peace.

  12. What a beautiful send off. I'm sure Barry's on an amazing journey. We just see endings, while he knows beginnings.

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful and meaningful way to say goodbye.

  14. What a wonderful tribute for Barry!!

  15. Sorry about the loss of your good friend, Bonnie, but you have chosen a beautiful blessing to honor him during this passage. Welcome back, even if it's on a sad note.

  16. I don't know who this was, but he sounded quite special.

  17. It's beautiful, just the first two lines say it just right. I'm sure your rung bell today was clear and true.

  18. Oh Bonnie you make me cry again <3

  19. Bonnie,

    This heartfelt tribute to Barry is so perfect Bonnie. Serenity is exactly what I wished for him on Monday. Thank you for your friendship and support. =D

  20. Dear Bonnie-of-the-full-heart, I am sorry that you - and so many others, it seems - have lost a friend who meant a lot to you.
    This beautiful poem is one I will tuck away. I do hope that Barry has discovered the truth of it.

  21. May all of these fine wishes be true. It's a fine piece and a very nice picture to go with it. For Barry.

  22. Bonnie, I cannot access 'geranium petals'.

    I am sorry you have lost a good blogging buddy. As you know I have lost a friend too, it is never easy.

  23. Oh Bonnie~ My heart goes out to all. I had not known Barry but his spirit shines so obviously.

    Blessings, hugs and I love the soothing words of John O'Donohue. He is also a gem.

    Missed visiting you and enjoy your time away from blogging.

  24. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Bonnie. This is a lovely tribute to Barry.


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