Saturday, July 10, 2010


"If the day and the night are such that your greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet scented herbs, that is your success."
~Henry David Thoreau

Simple purple petals
anointed with dew
remind us now
what has always been true.

Searching and grasping
in desperate queues
forgetting daily
that just enough will do.

Balancing, protecting
and maintaining too
remind us daily
the true cost of the new.

Being and accepting,
happily making do
frees us up daily
from wants we outgrew.

Simply surrendering
 from acquiring 'stuff'
knowing each day
the sweet scent of enough.



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  1. Hi Bonnie

    and what a freedom you speak of...

    Happy days

  2. Wonderful. Love it. The picture was perfect.

  3. " The sweet scent of enough " so true! Beautiful photo!! Wonderful poem!

  4. the sweet scent of enough...i dont want for much...a solid internet signal maybe, lol...but yes that is a scent that sometimes we lose track of...

  5. A fine little poem, Bonnie, deep with meaning. Enough, enough, enough. How much lovelier the world would be if that simple concept could be grasped by people and nations.

  6. Enough... just the word makes me sigh and relax. We ARE enough.


    purple ismy favorite color so I REALLY love these beautiful pictures. And I so appreciated and liked your poem too. I am strugling to see the beauty today as I am dealing with an inflamed knee that is very painful, it is quite consuming. Once I get on my couch and look out to my garden I will be soothed by the beautiful butterfly bush and all the butterflies and the humming birds and daisies....and that will be enough...

    Love toyou
    peace-hope-purple :-)

    p.s. the flowers on my butterfly bush are purple

  8. Lovely poem, Bonnie. I think the older (and wiser?) you get, the less you want to acquire 'stuff' and the more you want to get rid of 'stuff'.

  9. I'm so glad I dropped by today. I needed to see the purple flowers (my fav color) and the "sweet scent of enough" to calm me after a frustrating morning. Ahh...all is well.

    Merci beaucoup, dahling, Bonnie :)

  10. That attitude, my dear Bonnie, only comes with a few years to look back on and wisdom.

  11. A wise and fragrant bouquet you serve up in this lovely poem, Bonnie.

  12. Love the purple flowers.....We all just need enough to get by, don't we? Oh, and I agree with Brian, and a strong internet signal!


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