Thursday, July 8, 2010


What a beautiful, sunny morning.
It makes you happy to be alive, doesn't it?
We can't let the sun outshine us!
We have to beam, too!

~Takayuki Ikkaku
The sun is beaming and I am happy to be alive. 
Today I want to celebrate these simple things:
~ soft breezes
~ knowing smiles
~ sips of clean water
~ all that blooms
~all that beams
~ choices
~ quiet moments
~ little learnings
Are there simple things you are celebrating today?
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  1. A timely question, Bonnie. Determined that I will not be subdued by the oppressive heat here in the northeast, I just went for a five-mile walk, searching all the way for signs of life. Not surprisingly, I found much to be grateful for -- the movement of my body, the sureness of my breath, thriving patches of Queen Anne's Lace and cornflowers, deer in the nearby fields, a deepened awareness that life continues to hold infinite possibilities.

  2. Oh my Bonnie - such timing.

    I am overwhelmed, even consumed by my Mom's illness - she is in the hospital recovering from surgery, again and is in pain which breaks my heart. She is so brave and loving and faithful - and so weary. SO what am I celebrating today? I love that word celebrate ad all that it embodies - and I am a far stretch from celebratory - I will muster up the intent of the word as I enjoy my thick and beautiful garden - my butterfly bush is big and filled with butterflies and just in back of it, nestled behind the bush and the hundreds of daisies is my humming bird feeder which is very busy providing sweet nectar to the tiny humming birds right in my frot window forme to enjoy - so as my heart aches for my Mom I will celebrate the view from my front window and all that it means in celebration of nature and of us - and our beautiful garden and simple loving home.

    Love to you

  3. The garlic I planted myself and dug up today. Somehow this is very satisfying.

  4. Sun's not exactly beaming here. It's been raining for days. And when it does beam again? Steam! So I am cleaning this old house while he finishes the etching on this job. Trying to make it beam again.

  5. wonderful shot bonnie...i need to get outside...its so hot i am thankful for the ceiling fan and cold water...smiles.

  6. George: Wow! I would just appreciate surviving a five mile walk in this heat. Bravo!

  7. Gail: Of course you are 'consumed' by your mother's suffering. How wonderful that you are able to carve out little moments to celebrate the beauty and life around you. Hang on.

  8. Sandra: That's like celebrating a little miracle. Put something in the earth - and cultivate a healing food a few months later!!

  9. Ellen: Making things orderly, fresh and shining does confer a lovely 'beam', doesn't it?

  10. I like the 'little learnings', Bonnie. That's a great part of life's pleasures. Hope you're coping all right with the heat.

  11. A happy, unexpected phone call this morning made me happy.
    Good news about a friend and a village occasion tonight which I hope will give me lots of opportunity to pursue my favourite pastime: people watching.

  12. stunning photo, I love the way it starbursts!

  13. I saw a deer among some wildflowers today while we were driving, I saw my granddaughter today who was full of smiles and giggles, I spent the day with my family, I am on the road to recovery from my cold and cough. All these things I am grateful for!


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