Tuesday, June 8, 2010

...and the correct answer is...

Hey all you wonderful peeps!   Those of you who guessed photographs 2 and 5 were from the new SLR were correct.  You do see more detail in the petals and leaves - and as Hilary said in her comment, once I learn how to play with the settings they will be even better.  Thanks all, for participating in this little exercise.


Yesterday's Post:

I want to thank all of you who responded to my cries of fear (in my post of Sunday last) about mastering my new SLR camera.  So many words of encouragement and so much practical advice! 

There seemed to be a consensus about setting aside the manual and getting some immediate hands-on experience.  I followed your advice.  It finally stopped raining in this area today.  So out I went with the new SLR and took over 70 shots!  They turned out fairly well, although I would not call them exceptional.  Of course that has more to do with the photographer than the camera.  However, for my first try, I am satisfied.

Here is your task, if you will accept it ...  :-)  Below are five photographs of pink, drooping peonies.  (The rain all weekend pummelled them into a graceful bow.)  Can you tell me which two are from the SLR?

Three of the pics below are from my point and shoot Canon PowerShot SX200 IS.  Two are from the newly inaugurated Nikon D5000 SLR.  Good luck.  I have numbered them to make it easy for you to pick the two from the new SLR.  (BTW none of the photographs have been edited except for cropping.)






I will reveal which two are from my new Nikon SLR tomorrow morning.  Thanks again for the push to stop moaning and groaning and to get out and play and enjoy myself.  It worked!  Well, obviously I have not mastered the use of the camera, but you did nudge me to set aside the manuals and instruction sheets and to get out there and try it.  I am grateful.


  1. I have no idea! They are all pretty! Cameras scare me!

  2. its either 1 & 4 or 2 & 5 or i could be completely wring..nice captre of the dew, or raindrops....

  3. I'm going to guess 2 & 5... but it's hard to tell! I have a little 4 MP canon point & shoot that turns out some pretty decent images... though once I got the SLR, I was hooked!

  4. My guess us 3 and 4...
    Glad that you are mastering the skills...
    Happy Monday!

  5. If I have to guess I would say 2 & 5. Where you will really see the difference is in motion shots. I photograph a lot of animals and a point and shoot can't keep up. But they are really good at capturing static images, so I really can't tell in these photos. If I had a really practiced eye I probably could. BTW, on the manual thing...I've had my Canon since 2004. I not only have a manual, but I bought a DVD from the camera store. I watched about 1/2 hour and have not looked at it again. I bought a manual that is put out by camera geeks and have never bent the spine. I am not aiming to be a photographer, only someone who enjoys taking pictures and wants the camera to be fast. And to be able to change the lens when I need to take shots from a distance. Just enjoy it and learn what you want to learn. It's just for fun, after all.

  6. Hi Bonnie

    I think 1&3 are from the old camera but I do also like their moodiness...

    Happy snapping...

  7. I believe 2 and 4 are from the Nikon SLR, but what do I know!

  8. i guess 2 and 4 are from the SLR

  9. It's 2 and 5 but I inadvertently cheated. ;) Once you start messing around with the setting more, you'll begin to really notice differences. You're doing great so far.

  10. 2 and 5 from the SLR? Love love love peonies!!
    And the color is amazing!

  11. I took a photography class for a few weeks last summer. Everybody else had Canons and Nikons and I had a Lesser Camera.
    I wasn't here yesterday, but today I chose 2 and 5 before I read that those were the "right" ones. Just . . . crisper images.

  12. I only came to your blog after you had revealed the answer Bonnie but I do see that 2 and 5 are much more precise and crisp. Enjoy your new camera.

  13. Keep taking lots of pictures. Examine the results carefully - looking for any technical problems that may need correcting. (One of mine was camera shake and sometimes taking a photo before the auto focus had time to finish).

    When you run into something you need detail about - break out the books - or….
    Check out the following two (free) web sites. A lot of information and probably inspiration is available there.
    New York Institute of Photography
    Digital Photography School

    And yes, you can always ask questions if a search does not find an answer. Not everybody there is a professional or even an advanced photographer.

    Enjoy the experience.

  14. I must say that regardless of which camera these peonies are a joy to behold.


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