Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I want to unfold.
I do not want to remain
folded up anywhere,
because wherever I am still folded,
I am untrue.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

It is an all too frequent discovery - another place where I find myself 'folded up' - protecting myself - afraid of exposure - untrue. 

Self-acceptance is an on-going process, rarely, if ever, achieved once and for all. 

It's an inside job and the work is daily. 

There is little that is more healing than acceptance of self. 

When all else has failed,  why not try loving and accepting yourself? 

What I am, and you are, is what is - the truth. 

Why not unfold the truth of who we are, embrace it and accept it?

What are we waiting for?

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  1. Fabulous photo! We're all intricate and complicated little origami creations, aren't we?

  2. what are we waiting for...i agree on self exceptance...sometimes we can be harder on ourselves than anyone else...nice post bonnie...

  3. These are so cheerful and bright, and I am basking in the joy they exude. This is one of those I have to ponder a bit quotes I have to ponder a bit... I suppose because I think I am folded up in some aspects... how do we know for sure that we are?

  4. Lovely flowers! So true. The hardest thing is to accept ourselves and love ourselves. We are who and what we are, and if we try to accept others for who they are, why not ourselves? Why is it so hard?

  5. Fantanstic colours Bonnie. You are having fun with that new camera.
    What are we waiting for? I think it is to feel safe to unfold, to be a beginner, to not know, to be vulnerable. If I give myself the freedom to be exactly where I am at by loving and accepting myself then it isn't so scary and unfolding happens. I totally agree with you.

  6. Breathtaking photographs, almost lit from within by their own light, never mind the sun's! Indeed, as are the words of wisdom...

  7. Absolutely, always and every day. Never lie to yourself but accept yourself for who you are.

    Much like a beautiful flower who asks no questions.

  8. Great post Bonnie! And so true!

  9. I love the Nisargadatta Maharaj Quote on your side bar, Bonnie. Knowing and Living one's life in that manner would help one Unfold!

  10. So true. And sometimes so hard when it should be so simple.

  11. Your photos are stunning! I think you have your new gear figured out!Beautiful!

  12. Beautiful photos, apt quotes. Inspirational. Thanks for the visit!

  13. I love the contrast between the orange and the purple. I think I accept myself as I am, but sometimes the world doesn’t accept me quite as well.

  14. Such gorgeous flowers to illustrate such profound thoughts!!! And I'm with you...we need to get away from self-protection, and engage with others...only in this way will be find true happiness...Awesome post, Bonnie! You are wonderful!!! Love, Janine XO

  15. You are doing a great job with that new camera!

    Isn't that the first rule? You must love yourself before you can love others?


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