Thursday, June 24, 2010


If, for some reason, you have not found the temple within...yet,
you can always turn to Nature
which ever offers
a myriad
of sacred 'temples'
where you can
sit in awe
and kneel in gratitude.

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  1. Lovely. Trees are excellent teachers with ancient wisdom to share.

  2. So not only are you woefully bad at being bad, you would also never do as a snake-oils-saleman or a bible-beating TV preacher. Tsk, tsk. Well, we all have our shortcomings I guess.

    Excuse the gentle kidding, Bonnie, these are gorgeous photos and a philosophy to be embraced every instant of every day.

  3. There is a majestic stand of Douglas Fir on Vancouver Island. It's known as cathedral grove. I consider any mature canopy that way. Beautiful images.

  4. That Dalai Lama. So wise. Sometime in my distant past, in a rock song, I heard the lyrics 'the kingdom of heaven is within you' and it rang so completely true (yeah, I know, it's in the bible somewhere), I never set foot in a church again and turned my back on religion.

  5. I couldn't agree more. . .I have always felt this way since I was very young, but could never express it so simply and eloquently as the great Dalai Lama


    Oh how lovely - and yes, temples. ahhhhh

    Love to you
    peace and hope......

  7. Temples, like beauty, are often in the eyes of the beholder. All that is required is a touch of awe and a generous sprinkling of gratitude.

  8. Nature is my place and thing to worship. Nicely captured. I love the golden light in that last shot especially. I’m out in the garden with my laptop catching up.

  9. Bonnie, Your photographs are always so exquisite, and they truly touch the heart!! I love these...the tree especially speaks to timeless. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Love, Janine XO

  10. I like how you superimposed the poem and silhouette of the Dali Lama on your flower photo. Very cool looking! My daughter got a chance to hear him speak recently. She said he was just great!


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