Monday, June 14, 2010

...rise again...

So many things
to let go and let die
in a little life.

So many dreams and illusions
to let expire, to bury
in order to move on...

Perhaps the only way to survive
is by the embedded belief
in a resurrection of hope.

Then again, what a relief
to let die the lies, the injuries and agonies,
the stranglehold of regret.

Let them all die
dance at their funeral, rejoicing that you are free
to rise again...and again.


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  1. Those tulips as just exquisite! I love the color and shape of their petals! So delicate, yet hardy enough to withstand the strongest wind. Kind of like our souls, yes?

    Love your poem, too. Yes, let's dance at the funeral of all our hurts as we let the go and move on with our lives!

  2. Great photo Bonnie. I like the poem also. You are putting your new camera to good use.

  3. beautiful breathtaking image!! so vibrant, like the sun itself!! and the words, truly beautiful, as well!

  4. Those nasturtiums are lovely. Your new camera is certainly a reason to take even more photos than before.
    George Herbert was a wise man in spite of his religious fervour. A friend of ours wrote a book about G.H. and was fond of quoting him often. i see you found a poem which is easy on the preachy side.

  5. love dancing, and it is so much easier when you let go of that which holds you down...look i am rising...smiles.

  6. Okay...every time you post I say I have found my favorite...and then you top it!!! I LOVE George Herbert...and your poem is EQUALLY beautiful! And the photo is simply stunning!!! This is such an inspirational post, have started the week with a bang!!! Love you, Janine XO

  7. Hi Bonnie

    that camera is doing a great must be enjoying the experimentation...

    Happy days


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