Monday, June 7, 2010

...the inner depths...the further reaches...

As we wander in the mazes of the psyche,
we come upon a secret joy
that reconciles us to our path...
We find not deadly boredom
but our inner partner.
When we stand alone,
a companion appears.

~Carl Jung

Only when
all the crutches and props
are broken...
and there is no hope for security,
does it become possible
to experience...the archetype of meaning.

~Carl Jung

An inner wholeness presses its still unfulfilled claims upon us.

~Emma Jung

There is in the psyche
a process
that seeks its own goal
no matter what
the external factors may be.

~Carl Jung

We can easily understand
the resurrection idea:
we are not completely
subjected to the powers of annihilation
because our psychic totality
reaches beyond
the barrier of space and time.

~Carl Jung

We know the immensities of space
better than we know our own depths,
where, even though we do not understand it,
we can listen directly
to the throb of creation.

~Carl Jung

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    the oppressive humidity lifted today I am relieved. And so too these quotes of promise and hope lift me as well.

    Love and appreciation
    peace and hope

  2. Listening to "the throb of creation"; love that thought.

  3. love the stonework in the pics...there is just something about natural stone for me...i try to hear the groans of creation in all that surrounds me...even the people...and even myself...when i allow the quiet to slip in...

  4. Thanks Bonnie. I've been feeling submerged today.

  5. Such gorgeous peaceful...renewing...and such profound bring such calm to all who know you, dear Bonnie! Love you, Janine XO


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