Thursday, June 24, 2010

...I'm bad...

(free photo from Pioneer Woman)

Sometimes it seems
that tragedy and disaster
strike mainly the good...
that the good
must always
butt their heads
up against some difficult
and unforeseen challenge.

out of self-protection
I have decided
it might be a good thing
to be bad.

To be very bad...

at lying
and not trying
at being lazy
and seeming crazy
at ignoring
and snoring
at polluting
and intruding
at being greedy
and seeming needy
at exploiting
and annoying
at being rude
and drilling crude
at stealing
and dirty-dealing
at hoarding
and water-boarding
at hiding
and colliding
at not learning
and not earning.

Yes, I think I can be good at being bad.

This is just
a small list
of ways I now commit
to being bad.

So world
be on notice:

Don't even think
about messing with me.

(free photograph from Pioneer Woman)

How about you?
Are you bad too?

P.S.  After reading a few of the comments I see that I have not been very clear with my little tongue-in-cheek ditty.  I do not want to do/be any of those things ... if you read carefully you will see I want to be bad at those things - bad at lying, bad at being lazy, bad at hoarding, etc. ... and not in the current zeitgeist meaning of 'bad', either.


  1. Oh, scary Bonnie.
    I know that list, it's similar to mine. except for the drilling.

    One to had, especially for those living in the UK:

    no longer putting up with .. .. .. ..
    but complaining noisily!

  2. Might be a good idea!! Ha!
    Love the photos

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    Yes, I agree, "the" truth is hard to tell on blogs, too. I struggle with this all the time.

  4. Being bad is so easy. But I don't think it would cause good things to happen to me.

    sorry I've been sort of absent lately. I do check in, just not commenting much.

  5. At the risk of incurring your 'badass' wrath, I have to say, Bonnie, that I don't believe a word of it. You just don't have it in you ...

  6. Friko: Oh, that's one I must try - being bad at complaining!

  7. slommler: I'm sure you are already bad at all of those things.

  8. Carrie: And thank you for stopping by here!

  9. Hi Ellen: I mean that I am going to be bad at bad things - and thus qualify as 'bad'.

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  11. Hi Lorenzo: On a quick read, I guess it is easy to assume I want to be bad by doing all those things. However, what the text actually says is that I want to be BAD AT doing those things. By not being good at stealing, lying, etc. I might then qualify as bad. Sorry for the lack of clarity.

  12. do you have to wear a white glove and zippered jacket to be bad? smiles.

  13. Brian: Oh yes! I'm wearing them right now. I think all former Jehovah's Witnesses have this deep urge to finally be BAD!

  14. Love it! I want to be bad at all of those things, too!

  15. Nancy: Oh good - we can be bad at those things together!

  16. Good things to be bad about, Bonnie. I get it! I also like the photos. Very creative.

  17. George, Thank you. Nice to see you are back safe and sound from your trekking adventure.


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