Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am empty and nothing (this is a good thing!)

Everything is meant to be let go of
that the soul may stand
in unhampered nothingness.
~Meister Eckhart

At the center of our being is a point of nothingness...
a point of pure truth...
~Thomas Merton

Entering into the utmost emptiness,
I maintain the stillness
~Tao Te Ching

The truth of being and of nothing
is the unity of the two.
This unity is becoming.
~Georg Hegel

I am a pause.
~Octavio Paz

The land of
nothing whatsoever
is our real home.
~Chuang Tzu

The deepest you is the nothing inside,
the side which you don't know.
Don't be afraid of nothing.
~Alan Watts

Midnight.  No waves, no wind.
The empty boat
Is flooded with moonlight.
~Dogen Zenji

When you really look
inside yourself
your see the universe
and all its stars in infinity.
~Carl Jung

My secret identity is
The room is empty,
And the window is open.
~Charles Simic

The soul is shaped like an empty cup.

On occasion
I touch the still point -
the vast nothing inside.
It is quite something
to experience nothing.   :-)

To embrace no-thing
I must pause
and empty myself
of all that I think
I know.

No-thing is the true reality.
I have filled myself up
only to discover
the truth - that I am empty.
(And this is a good thing!)   :-)

Everything you are looking for
Is found in no-thing.
You cannot acquire it.
You can only
be it.
It does not work
to chase the space.
You are already there.
Isn't the expansive nothingness
of our universe a good thing?

Ego-mind just suggested
it would be a good thing
if I did something
to stop myself
from going on and on about nothing.

Okay, I'll stop.
Anyway, I'm empty.

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  1. ah, that is beautiful...and a goal to strive for...

  2. Honestly, Bonnie, I really don't know if I should have read this. I'm having so much trouble getting down to writing that I'm nearly convinced I have nothing more to say. So a post about the nothingness inside is not very reassuring!

  3. Wonderful thoughts...and now for me to pause and clear myself...this is harder than it sounds.
    Thank you for sharing such rich words.

  4. As a child I lay awake at night trying to envision where the world of space ended, where nothingness was, and what nothingness was.

    As an I try to be nothingness.

  5. From Shogun, by James Clavell, I most remember these lines:

    "Don't be fooled by our smiles and gentleness...Beneath them all we can be a million ri away, safe and alone. For that's what we seek--oblivion."

  6. Let go of all desire, want, need and just be.

  7. "Not by any philosophical opinion, not by tradition, not by knowledge, not by virtue and holy works can anyone say that purity exists; nor by absence of philosophical opinion, absence of tradition, absence of knowledge, by absence of virtue and holy works, either; having abandoned these without adopting anything else, let one calm and independent, not desire any resting place."

    --The Buddha Sutta Nipata

    We so wish to find that resting place! When we finally stop looking for "THE ANSWER," after exhausting ourselves in our search for it, something, no, nothing-wonderful-nothing appears.


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