Thursday, June 17, 2010

first real editing in photoshop elements

As well as trying to learn all about and get some experience using my new SLR, I purchased Photoshop Elements 8, a simplified version of Photoshop.  I have had it available to me for a couple of months and have a thick book entitled "The Manual That Should Have Come With Photoshop Elements 8'.  With time always seeming to be a factor, I usually turn to my old friend, Picasa, for any editing I wanted to do.....until now.
I am now taking a course entitled 'Digital Magic' with Marie Otera from Lost Aussie on the Loose  on how to make 'magic' with your photographs.  Of course you must use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements 8 to follow her internet course. 

So I am in the throws of immersion into layers, masks, blending, brushes, etc. etc.  Marie is an excellent teacher and I watch each tutorial a couple of times before I try the techniques on my own.  Using this picture of mine below - I applied several actions, as per her instructions, to produce a more vintage look with the photograph. 

It is my first attempt at using some of the amazing tools offered in Photoshop.  It is far from perfect and I wince thinking of you amazing photo editors out there seeing this.  A rather clumsy first attempt and yet I am proud of this little piece of work.  See what you think:



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  1. I'd love to learn Photoshop. I find it totally fascinating what you can do with it. Susan Tuttle uses it a lot on her pictures and she has a book out on how to use it...

    I love what you can do with Photoshop.

  2. I commend you on learning some new software and showing off another of your creative elements on your blog...Beautiful work.

  3. oh wow...quite the difference...

    so that is what it looks like once the soul is thanks for the funny comment yesterday...

  4. Very beautiful!! Well done!!

  5. Looks promising. Hmmmm, I wonder what you could do with my hairline ...

  6. Nice, Bonnie! Thank you for sharing your fledgling attempts - no need to wince, you're truly encouraging all of us to offer what we can when we can as well. :-)


    So beautiful. I am impressed. And jealous!! :-)

    thank you for the lovely flowers these days - they bring me such joy amidst some harsh realities here.

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  8. I often think of trying Photoshop but the trouble is that it all takes up valuable time. Lovely photo Bonnie.

  9. It's always time. If I just had more! Both photos are beautiful, very soft and lush. Have fun!

  10. I can see how you can manipulate the picture and am impressed with your skills. Thank you for the visit and encouraging words. Trying new things can be daunting.

  11. Wow! I commend you for rolling up your sleeves and getting right down and learning not only about your new camera, but also about Photoshop and all it can do.

  12. Bonnie, I'm glad to see you jumping right in and going for the play. There are so many possibilities in photoshop, even elements that its wise to have a particular vision or concept in mind otherwise one can stray in there for eternity and never be able to decide what they want or which edit looks best, etc.

    You applied a simple but very effective antique/faded toning that brings a creamy tone and timeless feel to the shubject. It really works here, but honestly it was a very good photo originally. . .and thats key. All one does in photoshop really does not amount to much unless the basic image was good enough to begin with. This one certainly was, and looks good to me either way you leave it. Its just different.
    great work

  13. You are all very kind and encouraging. Thanks for the tips Gary - much appreciated.

  14. I can feel your excitment Bonnie. They look great. Allowing ourselves to be beginners over and over again is so key for enjoying what we are doing. (I am taking note of this last sentence for myself)

  15. uplifting and beautiful post.

  16. Very nice Bonnie. I have photoshop elements installed, I think it is 4, but I have a Mac and found I don't use it. Unless things have changed, i have limited ability to upgrade on elements. I used to use it a lot when I had an HP PC.

    I have always found your photos to be artistic, so I would not have guessed you just now venturing into this realm. I think you have a very natural talent. Elements will give you a lot to work with, but you are starting with your own ability. I am really impressed.


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