Friday, June 11, 2010

finding the zen in the zone

Any room in your life to just sit today? 

I have devoted this day to painting.
When it flows in the studio
and I enter the zone,
it can be quite zen.

As you may have noticed
the state of flow
has not yet been accessed...
because when I'm here,
I'm resisting the call of the canvas.

Ah, yes...
resistance - my nemesis.

Excuse me
while I return
to my liquid devotions of the day.
(liquid paint!)

(I know what you were thinking!)

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  1. I hope you enjoy your day, and yes I was thinking that. lol. take care.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean. When I'm absorbed in a drawing I'm pretty much in the same frame of mind. And I'm also good at resisting. When I work on the cast glass, model making and filling the molds, my attention is so focused, hours go by unnoticed.

  3. It is amazing how one can sit in their studio and not be able to work!!!

  4. i spent quite a bit of time sitting this morning with some poolside meditation...and a little play...has took quite the turn though...on an emerg call...

  5. hi bonnie, i make my living in the marketplace and so sitting~meditating time is something of an unlikely luxury! however, i have found ways to carve the meditative quiet space that allows me to access the big place - unorthodox approaches. peaceful evening. steven

  6. Each day is like a blank canvas, and how we "paint" it is up to us!

    My computer screen is my canvas, the keyboard my paint.

    Oh how I wish I could paint - or let me rephrase that - oh how I wish I had the TALENT to paint!

  7. Hi Bonnie

    Joseph Campbell calls it finding your bliss...I rather like that feeling of being blissed out...and I love the way that time is inconsequential when you are in the zone.

    I was doing some BB yesterday (Body Balance) which ended with a little meditation and I thought how much easier it is becoming to be in the NOW... Part of that is due to the lack of commitments pulling me here and there, having no set schedule, and no time frame.... something to be really grateful for.

    I thought about the word NOW, how the letter O right in the centre is a perfect reminder of being centred and focused right in the moment. And the word MOMENT also has the O ... and here I begin to ramble...

    so I shall depart henceforth...

    Happy painting my friend...

  8. One thing I can't resist is making a comment.

    Meds have been interfering with mindfullness for me recently. But with a recent change in my meds maybe I can can back to knowing my own mind once again.

  9. I did a little mindless sitting and staring at the birds during tonight's just-pre-sunset phase. Does that count?

  10. June: If mindless means less ego-mind then I think it qualifies! :-) That's my favorite time of day - especially for sitting and savoring all the little joys of the day.

  11. Isn't it wonderful, Bonnie, to escape into the world of canvas?? Can't wait to see what you're creating! I JUST KNOW IT WILL BE EXTRAORDINARY!!! Have a fabulous weekend! Love to you and yours, Janine XO

  12. Enjoy the day, whatever you are doing.

  13. absolutely stunning image, bonnie!!! i love it!!! and i so relate to your comments about painting and the flow - and lately have been feeling the need for that flow to zen - yesterday bought 3 60"x48" canvasses to facilitate that need, that drive to zen - so i will be doing my liquid devotions, as well - see you there!!! have a fabulous day!

  14. Yes I was thinking that for a moment.. but only because I saw your amusing post (appearing in Google reader) about the Windows message offering a Wine button as a selection. I was going to suggest that the offer be red or white. Then the post disappeared. ;)


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