Thursday, June 17, 2010


Perhaps Rumi can claim 'no edges' to his loving now. 
I can only claim fewer edges
The edges that remain are rounded and softened with experience and age...
or so I tell myself.
Truth be told I often like edges in other people. 
They produce friction and keep you awake... 
on your toes. 
Some edges force you to move ... to jump to the other side.
It's sometimes good to experience the other side.

Learning and loving always have an edge to them...
or so I have found.
Actually, I like to tell myself that some of my edges tickle my DH's fancy ...
but maybe that is another story with which I delude myself.
Do you have edges
How do you feel about other people's edges?
Do you leap off edges in a single bound?
Can you tell me something about your experience with edges?

I just remembered that I included the word 'edges' as one of the words in the sub-title to the header of my blog!  I think I like the excitement of teetering on the edge ... of knowing it can be a threshold to something new...

Sorry Rumi, we will have to agree to disagree on this point of edges.

(The above collage was made with photographs taken with my Canon PowerShot camera.)

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  1. i like rubbing refines me...shaping and molding away at my edges...

  2. I can be very edgy. In fact, my edges separate the strong from the weak in people who know me, who think they want to be my friend. I can be hard to take. I don't mean to be but I have a tendency to cut through the BS and go straight to the heart. A lot of people don't like that even though I do it most innocently.

  3. what fun thoughts regarding edges...
    everyone has them...
    i have 2.

  4. I find myself at an edge of new experience.
    (Don't we all, all the time, after all?)
    As frazzling as it is, I know that some good things come from jumping into unknown chasms. Always.

  5. I live on the edge. Thus the blog name - A view from the edge.

  6. I LIVE on the edge! Thus the name of my blog!


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