Thursday, June 3, 2010

...don't be afraid...

It was interesting to receive the different responses to my last post about nothingness being the deepest self.  As Alan Watts says, "The deepest you is the nothing inside, the side which you don't know. Don't be afraid of nothing."  It seems that we are all tentative and fearful when it comes to exploring the deeper reaches of inner space.   We fill our mind with thoughts, assumptions, beliefs and somehow think that is who we are, but we are SO MUCH MORE than the content of our mind, the drama of our life, or the traits of our personality. 

Once we thought the space in and around our cells was empty nothingness and therefore of no worth.  Then we found out the the empty spaces in and around our cells are teeming with intelligence that works independently of who we know ourselves to be.  The black holes in outer space seemed like gaping places of danger, then we discovered that they were the source of all creativity.  What might we be ignoring and missing by presuming that nothing is nothing and therefore undesirable?

Our ego-mind has a knee-jerk "NO!" reaction to the idea of losing its prominence in order to discover the richness of no-thing, no preference, pure being within.  I do not pretend to know or understand this on anything but the most primitive level.  But I do encourage myself and you to explore the deeper reaches of inner space, which according to ancient Eastern wisdom is empty and nothing.  It can be torture to live with the minute, limited perceptions and understanding of our puny, fear-based, controlling ego.  It might do us all some good to touch the beauty and wisdom of no-thing and in so doing discover that we are everything.

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  1. I truly think the hardest thing for anyone to do is no-thing...that is why fill our days with consumerism and busy work. But when I am truly doing no-thing I am the happiest..I try to use my dog as my role model for the day...she is the expert on no-thing and happiness.

  2. My absolute best days are the ones where I give myself the freedom to do no thing, nothing. From this place free from 'shoulds' the day flows effortlessly, peacefully, joyfully and so much actually gets done. I just recently had an experience with wearing a plastic mask that sent me to that
    egoless place. I've recently shared my mask experience on my blog, so we are thinking along the same lines Bonnie.

  3. beautiful words of wisdom for us all - thanks so much for sharing! and have a great day!

  4. love that last sums up life...there is a tentative balance between the two that gets really messy when we tip the scales either way...

  5. Dang- i keep telling a certain somebody that he is nothing...he insists that he is everything...

  6. Ah, that peaceful place beyond our stories.


    I feel your wonderful wisdom - because I know there is a place where noting that I know "is" really matter - but rather I am void and empty - having already proven my existence. I can surrender in to a blank space and be complete.

    Love to you
    peace and hope

  8. Sometimes I like to just sit outside, clear my mind of all thoughts, and just breathe.


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