Saturday, June 26, 2010

...some questions for you...and flowers too...

Let's have a little fun and get to know each other better in the process.

Here are some questions
you can answer in the comment section:

1.  What did you have for breakfast this morning?

2.  What do you see out of the window closest to you right now?

3.  What have you been ruminating about or mulling over this week?

4.  What do you need to whine about today? 
 (Everyone needs a little whine now and then.  Let's keep it to 3 sentences' worth in this little forum!)

5.  What is the 'sweetest' thing that happened to you this week?

I will share my answers in the comment section too.  Looking forward to reading some diverse answers from across the world.  Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Here are the questions again:

    * What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
    * What do you see out the window closest to you right now?
    * What have you been ruminating about or mulling over this week?
    * What do you need to whine about today? (A short whine will do!)
    * What is the sweetest thing that happened to you this week?

  2. My answers:

    1. Scrambled eggs and coffee made by my DH.

    2. Lush green leaves from a beech tree and a cloudy sky.

    3. Whether or not to reboot my Etsy shop.

    4. My DH has been watching a fair bit of the FIFA football in South Africa and I am so tired of the sound of bees buzzing (the fans blowing horns) in the background. It is a felt, physical relief when it is turned OFF! That's my whine and it felt good to release it!

    5. There were many sweet things - but what comes to mind now is a comment on this blog saying that "...lives do not need to be saved, but savored...". Wish you had been there to tell me that many years ago Lorenzo. :-)

    Okay folks - don't leave my little answers all alone here!! Your turn:

  3. hello bonnie!!!
    for breakfast: croissant (two), scrambled eggs and coffee. then a granola bar.
    when i look out the window i see our swimming pool, overgrown gardens, rain slanting from southwest to northeast, flowers scrambling crazily every which way, two baby chipmunks whose mum has been our friend for two years, my neighbours having a hot tub in the rain.
    mulling: well i have a 1000 kilometre bike ride to start up this friday around lake ontario. that's occupying a lot of my thoughts.
    whine: why was it wrong for me to want to be a starving artist/musician when i was in my late teens early twenties?
    the sweetest thing: my daughter's hug at her grade eight graduation - with her friends watching!!!
    have a lovely day bonnie and thanks for the flowers!! steven

  4. * cheese roll, cup of tea

    * climbing roses trailing over brick and tile, banks of rampant ivy, young pear trees, an old water pump and honeysuckle in the little courtyard outside my office/study

    * our son coming home for a few days, our daughter in Spain - and the football, of course (England v Germany tomorrow!)

    * nothing (for a change) - it's a lovely, warm afternoon, there's beer in the fridge, tennis on the telly, steaks defrosting... and our son has arrived

    * noting the gradual unfurling of foxglove flowers top-down from the main, high stalk

  5. This is such a cute idea!

    1. breakfast - cheerios and cup of tea
    2. out my window - trees and a huge cornfield with stalks of corn growing about a 1/2 inch a day!
    3) I have to get back and finish that photography course I've been taking online/by mail!
    4) I have to go grocery shopping and I HATE to go!
    5) To hear my little grandbaby, Lily, say, "Hi! Gama!" over the phone.

  6. Porridge and a banana and coffee.
    Scots pines on the side lawn.
    The latest poem I am trying to write.
    I never whine - life's too short.
    A clean bill of health.

  7. Bonnie! What fun this is- Love reading what others are up to.
    This morning I had a bocaburger with hot peppers.
    Out the window at the moment I an seeing our plum tree.
    What I have been ruminating about this week is the difference between bullying and being a task focuses on people the other focuses on the job that needs doing..I think...
    My whine is that it has been 10 months now without a floor in the house...
    The sweetest thing has been and continues to be the dog that I am sitting likes to lick my feet all over- willingly!

  8. breakfast: a toasted sesame seed bagel with a little bit of honey

    window: prayer flags blowing lightly, then lots of green - the plum tree in the sun, the broad green canna leaves (not blooming yet) & the gate that leads to our little yard/garden.

    this week: writing and meditation-spiritual practice/self-expression/solipsistic tendencies/ how to expand into new realms/ how to manage conflicting realities (wanting to be creative - daily family life - expectation to make a living)

    whine: I get overwhelmed when my 10yr old gets too clingy and whiny! (how's that for a circular situation?)

    sweetest: the hugs from said 10 year old (and from the 13 year old and her friend, too) - and great comments on my most recent blog post! :-)


  9. blogs for breakfast.
    worrying about elderly mom
    a palm tree out the window...
    Enjoying LIFE!

    what was the Q?

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral

  10. Muesli and herbal tea
    the night sky (the full moon is obscured by clouds)
    whether it's time to think about downsizing
    too hot
    life is sweet

  11. Breakfast (late) Cheddar cheese with chives on toast.

    Outside my window - pitch black, otherwise my back garden.

    Working to make better use of limited space in my backyard retreat.

    Never ending taxes while the government spends a billion dollars o a three day ‘party’.

    High point of the week.. Both Kimmie and Chloe raccoon introducing their beautiful kits to me.

  12. 1. bacon, fried eggs, toast, coffee, orange juice but I usually have oatmeal.
    2. The moon rising above the trees.
    3. Nothing really.
    4. My granddaughter telling me 'whatever' every time I try to explain something. (She's sitting right next to me.)
    5. My granddaughter spending the week with me.

  13. 1. Breakfast: coffee and cigarettes
    2. Window: a locust tree, lush and completely recovered from the brutal pruning Husband gave it a few years ago
    3. Ruminating: mastectomy, no radiation or lumpectomy and radiation
    4. Whine: I don't want to go back to work tomorrow after a wonderful staycation week
    5. Sweetest thing: Husband holding me and kissing my forehead while I cried over #3

  14. 1. Fiber One Cereal with raisins and Silk Vanilla Soy Milk
    2. Condensation all over the window with the 80% humidity at 7:28AM
    3. How complicated it will actually be to tile the shower and replace kitchen countertops and how to rein in hubby's tendency to overspend.
    4. See above
    5. Blogging about and sharing my trip to Ireland

  15. * Grape Nuts with blueberries and a cup of strong coffee.

    * My front yard, the pines on the edge of the road, and the fields beyond.

    * The life-affirming experiences of my recent coast-to-coast hike across England.

    * Nothing to whine about, really. LIfe is in a good spot at this point and I just want to savor it.

    * Seeing my wife and my dog, Derry, after returning for my hike across England.

  16. * French Roast freshly ground beans coffee with a smattering of vanilla caramel cream and blueberries on shredded wheat.

    *My petunias cascading down from their hanging basket and lots of sunshine :)

    * all things concerned with the logistics of moving mom and dad later this week...

    * my stomach is churning... either the dinner I ate last night or see above :)

    *having my son throw his arms around me and tell me he loves me spontaneously... without me having initiated a thing... so sweet...

  17. Thanks to each and every one of you for sharing your answers to the questions. Interesting to get a little glimpse into the lives of our blogging companions!


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