Wednesday, June 30, 2010

...back flips through the garden...

Drawing my robe up tightly, I sing to myself;
In my reverie, deepest feelings stir.
There are many joys in living here,
And just to see it through is something gained.

~Tao Ch'ien
5th Century

The joy your comments bring this blogging girl are truly helping me 'to see it through'.  Thank you for all your visits here.  When you don't comment, I understand.  When you are able to grace me with a comment, I do back flips through the garden ... (well, in my mind I am doing back flips - good ones too!) 

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  1. haha keep doing those backflips...what a vibrant green. way cool!

  2. I love visiting your blog Bonnie.

  3. Well now I have a vision in my mind. So I have to comment. I want to see those flips.

  4. Well, then I should be more disciplined about commenting. Love the idea of our kudos and quips sending you somersaulting through the garden. Even though I do not always comment, please know, I read ALL your posts and am always richly rewarded in doing so. When I follow, I really follow ... almost to the point of stalking!

  5. Beautiful photo collage! Love the green! And I give you a ten for your backflips!!
    Hugging you

  6. I'm always happy to be part of the conversation, Bonnie, especially when prompted by your provocative and inspiring thoughts and art.


    what a great image :-) abd I absolutely love that shade of green you chose.

    Love to you
    peace and hope and back flips!!

  8. Wow those are beautiful lime green flowers!

    Careful on those back flips! Are you like me? I exercise alright - I exercise my MIND! LOL!


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