Friday, June 18, 2010

archetyped inner courtroom

the courtroom of eden

a stroke, a flourish
a gentle exhalation
formed the clay
into a vessel of perfection
(or so it is said)

hierarchy quickly established
orientation and rules
ensure the new creation
eternity in a garden paradise
(who would not want that)

impertinent questions
impromptu quirks of curiosity
temptation to further explore
perfection not enough
a child always asks for more
(or so I have heard)

eden thus shifts to a courtroom
curiosity and disobedience the crime
wanting to know decreed a transgression
of the prosecutable kind

genesis of inner jurisprudence
with a harsh embedded judge
templates in conditionned minds
an archetypal courtroom that won't budge

laws quickly disseminated
proof strewn about the grounds
no defense, bargaining, appeal or plea
can withstand the unrelenting examination

jurisdiction irrelevant
now templated in every dogma-ed mind
the internal court issues daily verdicts
damages, punishments and fines

guilt becomes the everlasting given
forever demanding punishment
be forthwith self-inflicted...
if not duly heaven sent

"damn myself daily
mete out the verdict due
sweet, sacred self-flagellation
to be at-one-ment with You"

perfection, the penultimate goal
never quite attained
leaves creation anxiety-riddled
forever quaking and ashamed
(or so therapists say)

eternal quests for the unattainable
sustain the inner courtroom scene
archetyped in every mind
sentenced thus to guilt and shame
no true believer left behind
(or so I have noticed)



  1. wow. love the inner dialogue in the parenthesis...and the ties to the court room...expelled from the garden, He still cared for them...perhaps grace covers this guilt even?

  2. A comforting thought, Brian.

  3. Really powerful, Bonnie...You are an incredible poet, and the images you create here are not only thought provoking but they are also unforgettable! Loved this! Love, Janine XO

  4. Is this your inner courtroom too, Bonnie?

  5. Kathleen: I love to fascinate! ;-)

  6. Friko: Certainly. We all have inner archetypes and templates that seem to guide our interpretations, meaning-making and behaviours. The thing is once aware, we have the choice whether we will live out the archetype by rote or question its relevance in our life now. E.G. we do not want to forever be the 'hero' starting out on the journey ... at some point we have journeyed a while, conquered our 'dragons', and can perhaps rest and reap the benefits of all we learned.

    Depending on our upbringing and life experiences different archetypes play out differently in each psyche - e.g. my inner judge (courtroom) may be stricter and more entrenched than yours - or vice versa ...


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