Tuesday, May 4, 2010

your task, should you accept it...

Just had to share the Spring blossoms I saw on a stroll in my neighbourhood.  They are just too glorious to rest unacknowledged in an archive.  I do not know all the common or botanical latin names for these trees and shrubs, so I have named none (I do know the common names of 4, 5, and 8).  Those of you who have all that amazing information tucked away in your brains, can share it in your comments if you are so inclined.  (Friko?  Are you there?)  I will post the names you offer under the pic, and have numbered the pics to facilitate your efforts.  Since I really do not know all the names, I will be counting on your accuracy.  Okay class - you now have your assignment.  ;o)

A song that keeps haunting me in a slightly pressure-filled way is from My Fair Lady.....I think:

"I'm getting married in the morning,
Ding, dong the bells are going to chime
But get me to the church on time."

It's that last line that tells of my preoccupation these days.  No, it is not me who is getting married.  No, the marriage will not take place in a church.  But it will take place 1500 miles from here (in less than 3 weeks) and I am very much aware of the need to get my act together to get to the plane and the wedding, prepared and on time.  I feel blessed to have this kind of sweet pressure!

Enjoy the spring blossoms!

1.  Cherry

2.  Spirea - Bridal Wreath

3.  Crabapple

4.   Apple

5.  Azalea

6.  Spirea - Snowmound

7.  Spindleberry

8.  Pear

9.   Prunus - "Ornamental Cherry"

A big thank you to Sarah and Friko for supplying the names to these trees and bushes.  Thank you Jazz, for giving us all a good laugh with your interim appellations...and 'stuff'!  A big thank you also goes out to Barry for supplying the missing lyrics to the song I cannot seem to stop humming.  What a relief!  Another thank you to Hilary for another verse from the same song in My Fair Lady.  I think that was the verse I was trying to drum up ... I would guess Barry's verse would have been the grand finish to the song.


  1. I don't have a clue what they are called. But they sure are beautiful!! Nice photos!!

  2. I will now proceed to share the fount of botanical knowledge that is my brain...

    1 - pink stuff
    2 - white stuff
    3 - pink stuff
    4 - white stuff
    5 - pink stuff
    6 - white stuff
    7 - red stuff
    8 - white stuff
    9 - white stuff


    Have you ever noticed that most spring flowers are pink or white?

  3. Giggle....I love the answers.... well..the song clueless.....kinda...
    #1 is a cherry tree I think..
    #3 is a crabapple..
    #5 is an azalea
    The others seem to be fruit trees..8&9 ( maybe apple...LOL just guessing poorly here!!
    Ooooo a wedding..whoot!!!
    Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  4. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shots !!Simply nice !!

  5. you know i got no clue what they are called i just appreciate their beauty...

  6. Beautiful photos! No names required. As the Zen masters say, "Better to see the face than to hear the name."

  7. I really enjoyed my visit here today, since pink stuff and white stuff are two of my favorite things! Beautiful photos of beautiful stuff.

  8. the names from jazz were cracking me up!
    here are my guesses
    1. flowering almond
    4. dunno
    6. dunno
    7. crabapple
    8. dunno
    9. viburnum

    i do know that they are all beautiful!

  9. No. 2 is spirea 'Bridal Wreath', very apt at the moment.
    No. 6 is probably also a spirea, possibly nipponica 'Snowmound', which tends to flower here in June - so I am not absolutely certain.
    No. 7 I'd call Euonymous or spindleberry
    No.9 is a kind of prunus, there are too many children in the family to go for more than 'ornamental cherry'.

    I enjoyed this trip down your neighbourhood. I shall go out and pick a stem of Bridal Wreath and put in water and think of you.

  10. Well, whatever they are they ARE GORGEOUS! These pictures are simply spectacular, Bonnie! Thank you for feeding my aesthetic soul today! You keep me going with your beautiful posts! You are simply an extraordinary photographer and artist! And I love that song from My Fair Lady...such a fun tune to have run through your head at this exciting time! You are in my thoughts! Love you much!! Janine XO

  11. There are3 several possibilities in the song, here's one of them--

    I'm gettin' married in the mornin'
    Ding dong! the bells are gonna chime...
    Hail and salute me Then haul off and boot me...
    And get me to the church, Get me to the church...
    For Gawd's sake, get me to the church on time!

  12. Whew! By the time I get to comment I see others have already done the deed and named all the flowers so I don't have to. What a relief! Not that I'm Pat Martha Stewart or anything. I could probably only have named a few. But I certainly enjoyed them all.

    Oh and thanks for giving me that ear worm of a song. Now I'LL be humming it, too!

  13. So beautiful bonnie. thanks for sharing.

  14. bonnie the blossoms are breathtaking!! wow. really big wow!! steven

  15. Gorgeous photos, Bonnie. I'm glad you know what they all are now.

    I saw that Barry beat me with the lyrics but then I saw that his offering was different than what I had in mind which was:
    I'm getting married in the morning
    Ding dong the bells are gonna chime.
    Pull out the stopper
    Let's have a whopper
    But get me to the church on time.

    But now I see that there's a different coupling for each verse..


    Fun post! :)

  16. We can call them all by one name...BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Bonnie, these images are breath itself, suddenly my heart and chest have expanded with everything clear and good. Thankyou! I hope the wedding was wonderful, and that you did get there on time :)

  18. Lovely blossoms. I know it is nice to know their names, but même sans noms, ce sont des arbres en fleurs magnifiques.


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