Friday, May 28, 2010

...your flowers have arrived...

Your weekend flowers are now delivered.
May this Memorial Day Weekend (and these modest flowers) bring you joy. 
May this weekend also see an end to the gushing oil well in the Gulf. 

Here, also, are a few words from Rilke worth contemplating - if you are so inclined:

I squander my torments when I look only for their ending.
I forget they are my own seasons,
my leaves that can stand a winter,
my ponds and meadows,
my inner landscape where any bird
 and dweller among the reeds is quite at home.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

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  1. Nice to have you back home, Bonnie. Thanks for the flowers and Rilke, who is always welcome in my world.

  2. i hope you have an incredible weekend...and if we can stop the flow that would be the cherry on top. some beautiful flowers as well, thank you. smiles.

  3. Wonderful flowers and my fave poet! Thanks

    Aloha from Hawaii, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  4. OHHH the flowers are so fresh and beautiful! I absolutely LOVED your wedding photos- you are correct as usual- a very gorgeous family!VERY!

  5. Amen to ending the oil blowout. Beautiful colors on the flowers. Have a good weekend.

  6. Beautiful flowers.

    i am not sure what "meme-free" means.

  7. Hi Bonnie thank you for the wabi sabi chrysanthemums...

    Happy days

  8. The flower picture is beautiful, up close and personal flowers. Very nice.

  9. HI Bonnie

    "thank you" I so appreciate the flowers and the wonderful words - a perfect blend. :-)

    My Dad was a WWll vet - my stepson is in the Navy, my brother-in-law, a Vietnam Vet, my Mom - worked in the Bridgeport Brass shop making bullets during WWll, and now, as she is so weary and ill - I am filled with bittersweet emotions - but not here, your gift of flowers and words - so lovely,

    Love to you

  10. Beautiful. Loved the verse. Have a great weekend, Bonnie.

  11. All the flowers wilted when I learned that the latest attempts to plug the leak had failed. If we all screamed in unison, would the noise sink into the abyss from which the oil leaks out like tears?

  12. These are beautiful flowers – are they dahlias? Here I have not seen these flowers yet but have seen many hydrangeas. I placed some on my post today as tomorrow is French Mother’s Day and I gave a hydrangea to my mother every year. She would have been 100 years old this month.

  13. the poem is as pretty as the photo. love the rich green behind the white. my torments are my own seasons. scary to think about. but yeah, worth thinking about. found you through brian miller.

  14. Is there not another new attempt being started? We are told about the effects of the disaster on the coast regularly and like you, we can only hope that man's ingenuity to stop the leak is as great as man's greed for oil.

    Thank you for the flowers.


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