Saturday, May 8, 2010

white lilacs




  1. happy mothers day! purty flowers...

  2. Happy DAY! Everyday should be mother's day...Love lilacs- filled my nose with their fragrance today walking down the back alleys. Delicious! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, Bonnie. Cheers!

  3. they are beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen lilacs, white or otherwise.

  4. My white lilacs are blooming more profusely than any of the others this year. Big round hearty blooms. I am resolved to cut many, many of them to ensure a good showing next year.
    Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie.

  5. Those are gorgeous! I love lilacs and the fragrance!! Wowzers!
    Happy Mother's Day

  6. Happy Mother's Day to you too Bonnie!

  7. oh wow those are sweet beautiful. snow on the ground this morning. purple lilacs with a dusting of snow. not quite as white as these. steven

  8. Happy Mother's Day to you, Bonnie, from chilly Calgary. Hope you spend it happily en famille . The lilacs - my favourite flower - are lovely!

  9. Your vibrant pictures always make me want to inhale deeply... I just know they'd smell as good as they look! Happy Mother's Day to you Bonnie!

  10. Thank you for the beautiful white lilac. A little early for lilacs here.

    I have just read your previous post. Tell me, Bonnie, how does one cope with not being able to come to terms with a given, a fact of life, something that cannot be changed? Is there grieving involved in that? What if this inability colours a huge part of ones life?

  11. Hi Friko: Great questions! For those who have not read recent previous posts - there is one on coming to terms with the 'givens' of being human, and another on the grieving process. I encourage you to take the time to read them.

    When you cannot come to terms with a given, you have just been shown where your 'work' lies. Just as Buddhist monks sit and meditate in graveyards to come to terms with the given of their mortality, we, too, must approach and re-approach the givens that scare us, anger us, intimidate us. Think about them. Read about them. Even if you are aware of resistance to them, acknowledge it and continue to immerse yourself in the reality of the existential given. It does take time.

    I was taught as a Jehovah's Witness that I would never die, and would (if obedient) live forever here on a paradise Earth. It has taken me a lot of work and a lot of contemplation to even come close to coming to terms with my mortality and that of my children. It is an on-going project for me. I must re-approach and re-acquaint myself with this condition of life on a frequent basis.

    Byron Katie's work and writings have been a great help with this. You could read her book, "Loving What Is". It really helped me as I quaked in the unexpected 'given' of my daughter having cancer.

    There certainly is grieving involved when you must accept a 'given' that causes a previous belief, hope, reality to die. You will feel anger, sadness, fear - but ultimately acceptance will lead to freedom from these 3 emotional states.

    It will colour one's life to resist one of these givens. These givens/realities of life affect us when we deny them or resist them. They are the inevitable conditions of human life on planet earth. We may not like them, but our challenge as adults is to work out some sort of coming to terms with them. It will not be perfect. It is an on-going process and never accomplished in one moment, forever or always. All of us slip back into our illusions and delusions at times. However, imagine the shock when these givens, unacknowledged or confronted, knock on our door! Much better to be prepared for what will inevitably come. We have to decide to be conscious and not lull ourselves to sleep with all the soporiphics available to us.

    Hope that answers your question. If not, re-state your question for me, and I will try again.

  12. Happy mother's Day!
    Your post rocks!

  13. Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!

  14. So pretty, Bonnie :) You take the most amazing photographs! How lucky we all are to receive your gift of words and pictures. You are a blessing!
    Happy Mother's Day, Bonnie!
    Sending you light and love,

  15. White lilacs are lovely.. great shots. Happy Mother's Day to you.:)

  16. These are simply stunning...Bonnie! I LOVE your photography!! Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend! Love, Janine XO

  17. Dear Bonnie,
    Givens....coming to terms...when to hold on when to let go....
    Smelling the Lilacs gives me a break and a delight. Yours are gorgeous! Now back to the givens and the loving and forgiving. It is good to find a way to honor those that came before. It is good honoring our inner warrior and letting go of the inner worrier.
    Happy Mother's Day. Happy self nurturing.
    Thank you for giving and giving and giving.

  18. Happy Mothers Day, bonnie.
    I think this is a fine example of how the little things in life are packed with beauty and comfort. The delicate white flowers against the green leaves,stems and buds are simple and wonderful. Its probably the type of thing I would pass up in search of the bigger picture, but when I see your image here it makes me remember not to pass on the little things.
    Perfect for the day as well.
    all the best wishes.

  19. I simple adore lilacs. That their blooms coincide with Mother's Day seems so fitting. They are perfumed that is renewal.

    These photos, these white ones, with the green just so. Wow.
    This was a gift I hadn't yet received. Thank you.


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