Friday, May 28, 2010

A peek into a child-centered wedding day!

"Let's take the four children to Disney World.  Oh yes, and while we are there,
let's blend our families and get married!"

Watching fireworks the night before the wedding.

The wedding day arrives and so does the hairdresser/make-up artist.

Everyone gets their locks curled and coiffed.

The bride paints the toenails of one of her flower girls.

The resourceful groom irons his wedding Bermuda shorts.

The bride receives text messages of well wishes from back home.

Time to put on dresses and shoes and head to the hotel lobby
to greet the minister and photographer.

Bride, maid of honor and flower girls talk to the minister
before he heads upstairs to meet the groom and best man.

The photographer arrives and begins his task.

The beautiful bride is the eldest of our three children.

Posing with her orange calla lilies and pink roses bouquet.

The ceremony will take place on a balcony in front of the tall window
above the waterfalls.

The groom, minister and best man discuss last minute details.

There are those well-ironed Bermuda shorts, and sandaled feet
at this very casual, child-centered wedding.

Two flower-girls have strewn the path with orange and pink rose petals.

Bride and maid of honor (bride's eldest daughter) follow the petaled path.

The ceremony begins with all the members of this future family
gathered around.

The best man has just handed the groom's ring to the minister.

A sand ceremony symbolizes the merging of six individuals
from two families, into one. 
Each member of the new family has chosen a color of sand
to represent them and pours it into one glass vase.

The children join in the champagne toast with a non-alcoholic beverage.

The new couple will begin their life with a six person honeymoon!

Darling daughter seems to be bursting with joy while the photographer
composes a shot.

The youngest of my daughter's children checks in with her joyful Mom.

The happy couple have a shared moment of delight.

A beautiful wedding supper with family and guests includes the requisite cake -
this one decorated with mickey mouse ears for the children!

I know I'm biased, but truly, this is one beautiful family!

After the supper and a change of clothes, a private boat ride
takes the new family and wedding guests
to enjoy more fireworks.

May this marriage and family be blessed with love, joy, harmony and health.


  1. what a wonderful the idea behind the sand ceremony...very cool! you daughter is gorgeous and so is her family...looks like it was a wonderful time...welcome back. smiles.

  2. Splendidly beautiful! Congratulations to the new happy couple and family! The flowers are so vibrant and your daughter just looks stunning! Thanks for taking us along for this celebration! Much love and happiness to the couple!

  3. Congratulations to all, Bonnie. After looking at your photos, I feel that I was a guest at the wedding.

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! What an exciting time for your daughter. :) xo

  5. Hi Bonnie

    It went off beautifully and I especially liked the thongs! The family are beautiful as individuals and as a set. I wish them a life of happiness and good health.

    Where is the pic of you?

    happy days

  6. Oh oh oh oh Bonnie...wowo and wowo an oh my goodness.. that is stunning! What a beautiful family and I just love the way they created the whole thing to include all...and the sand...made me tear up! Beautiful hon!! Congratulations to all!! Hugs, Sarah

  7. wow bonnie! such happy times. good times. loving times. steven

  8. Hi Brian: Thank you - it really was an incredible day. Thanks, too, for the welcome back!

  9. Hi Vicky: Thank you - I will pass along your good wishes.

  10. Hi George: Great - I was hoping to create that effect.

  11. Noelle: Thank you. It is an exciting time, especially since only 18 months ago my daughter was having major thoracic surgery for cancer.

  12. Hey Delwyn: Thank you - I will pass on your good wishes. They do make a beautiful 'set', don't they?! I'm behind the amateur camera - I think I appear in some of the professional shots.

  13. Ah Sarah - made me tear up too. I will certainly convey your wishes for their happiness.

  14. Hi steven - Yes, such good times. Much of the last 18 months were scary ones as my daughter dealt with the diagnosis of cancer and the trauma of surgery - and ensuing prognosis based on the surgery. So you cannot imagine the joy we all felt to see her so healthy and happy on this day!

  15. Your daughter's child-centered wedding day must have felt like a warm embrace for all. The children are very blessed. It was a beautiful ceremony for a beautiful family, Bonnie!

  16. What a gorgeous family! Everyone looks so happy. I love your daughter's simple dress and bright bouquet. It must have been very exciting for the children. Congratulations!

  17. Glorious! Bless you all

    Aloha from Hawaii, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  18. What a spectacular way to begin a new life for all of them. Well done. Love the wedding apparel all around.

  19. May they enjoy a long and happy marriage! You're a grandma? I'm not sure I knew that.

  20. Oh Bonnie... I was smiling from ear to ear with each beautiful photograph. What a perfect wedding! May this new family be bonded by love and joy.

  21. What a lovely, happy wedding this looks to be - and how well you have told it in the lovely photographs. Very best wishes to the happy couple.

  22. The very best wishes to the happy couple and their family. May the joy last to fill all the days to the last one.

  23. Wanda: Thank you - it really did feel like a warm embrace, as you say.

  24. Sarah L: It was exciting for the children and that was the whole point of having the wedding at probably the most commercial (and tacky) spot in the world. But this way the children were central to the whole affair and the bride and groom's attention was not taken by tradition and guests - everything to make it a happy day for children who were seeing one parent marry someone other than their other parent. Not easy for a child.

  25. Meri: It does seem to be the trend these days - more casual, simple affairs.

  26. Hey Dan: Well, I've been one for ten years! It is sheer delight. Have you been so blessed?

  27. Pat: Thank you. And yes, happiness was spilling over everywhere!

  28. Oh, Congratulations and Best wishes to the beautiful bride, handsome groom and lovely new family!!! Makes me so happy to see such love and concern for the happiness of the children as well! Fantastic! Your daughter and Son-in-law are obviously wonderful! You must be so happy and proud!! Fantastic memories and photos! Love, Janine XO

  29. Janine: You're right. I am happy and oh so proud. Thank you for the kind wishes!

  30. Your photos capture wonderfully the union of two families and show such love and hope and happiness. The scene on the bridge says it all!

  31. What an unusual, beautiful, thoughtful wedding day! Your photo essay was very special, and so very full of love. Thank you for sharing your family with us, Bonnie!

  32. Oh, lovely, lovely! Such beautiful people, coming together. May they bring together a shared love and joy and support to bloom beautifully in their family!

  33. Looks like a very lovely & special day! How wonderful for your daughter (and the whole family...) her health & happiness! :)


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