Sunday, May 16, 2010

...paint by numbers...


I tend to be out of my mind when I paint.  (I can hear you snickering and saying, "Lady, you're out of your mind all the time!")  I do not like to think, plan, contemplate, analyze, linger or doubt.  It is a bit of a right brain frenzy, if you will.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  I think the one above works.

I have a psychologist friend who always pays close attention to the literal numbers or numbers of things that appear in a client's dreams, doodles or artwork.  I recall one time when she waited while I completed a telephone conversation.  While talking on the phone I was unconsciously doodling, drawing flowers.  When the phone call was over, she grabbed my paper (we are good friends and such liberties do not bother me) and proceeded to count the flowers and then probe me for the significance.  The number did relate to something I was dealing with ... not in any earth-shattering way ... but interesting nonetheless. 

When the above acrylic piece was finished, I remembered her little fetish and for fun counted up the number of figures that had slid off of my palette knife and onto the canvas.  Hmmmm .... seven, and two less distinct ones in the background and one more really indistinct figure.   Ta da!  There are seven members of my immediate (blood-related) family including two granddaughters.  And...ta da!... there are two sons-in-law.  And hopefully, a soon to be found daughter-in-law.  (Well, that's my fantasy - not sure if it is my son's!) 

My friend says the unconscious does not do anything that does not having meaning for the one doing it.  Many examples in my life and the lives of my clients have proven her to be correct.  You might have a little fun paying attention to the numbers you write, doodle, dream, or draw, too.

Oh yes, I am still deciding what to title this painting.  Any ideas?

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  1. title: 7 2 1

    i was writing a story last night and the number three kept popping up...i really didnt notice until the end. i left it...maybe it has meening...

  2. Interesting theory about the numbers, and funny that you actually did paint the number in your family. I like what your friend said about the unconcious not doing things that don't have meaning.
    I like your painting... almost otherworldly. I'd call it "The Circle."

  3. Figures in my Landscape. ?
    I hav never thought to look at numbers and their relevance. i am pretty much lacking in an ability to manipulate figures, but I don't suppose that matters here.
    I shall keep an eye on any numbers that crop up, but how do I work out their relevance without 'contriving' a meaning?

    Let's see what happens. This might be fun.

  4. Hi Brian: Appropriate suggestion. Let me know if the 3 turns out to have any relevance for you! You never know.

  5. Hi becky: I like that - "The Circle". Our body/mind/unconscious are sending us information all the time - e.g. tension, hiccups, shivers, intuitions, dreams, pain .... and, occasionally, as in dreams, it is more specific.

  6. Friko: Good question - that's why it is probably better if one just allows it to work organically. We are such meaning-making creatures we can 'contrive', as you say, links where there are none.

    Please peeps, don't start agonizing over this. It is just a little fun fact to file away - no big deal. :-)

  7. How about 'Family Ties'?
    When we paint we seem to be channelling, so crazy or not it works for me.

  8. I like this painting, Bonnie, as well as the one that followed. This one, however, should be named: "Giacommetti's Family and Mine."

  9. Von: That would tie in with a previous painting that is similar and entitled "The ties that bind". Thanks Von!

  10. Hi George: Thank you. Yes, they do have the same stick figure look as Giacometti's work. Just a few thousand notches down the artistic scale!

  11. yes, some of the things happen or come to mind without our preparations...we either leave it or take it as one of our inspirations...
    cool post!


    Happy Monday!
    Friendship awards 4 u.


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