Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eisch, EXP and a self-portrait

Last year I published a post about German-made Eisch Stemware.  For those of you who were not reading this blog back then, I thought I would feature them again.  These wine goblets are made apparently of 'breathable glass', and literally bring out the finest qualities of the wine you are drinking.  This is probably due to the wine being oxygenated as you enjoy it. 

We have fun with guests who doubt that the wine can taste better due to a piece of stemware.  We serve them the wine first in a regular crystal goblet - then in the Eisch goblet.  Without fail they notice the strong enhancement in flavour.  These glasses are fairly expensive ($25-$30 Canadian each), but oh so worth the extra money.  Come over any time and I will conduct the taste test for you!

One of my favourite everyday wines to put in a Eisch glass is a full-bodied chardonnay from the R.H.Phillips Wineries in California.  It used to be called 'Toasted Head' - not a particularly appealing appellation.  It is now called E.X.P.  It does have a note of 'buttery toast' in it, as well as pineapple and the slightest hint of caramel.  In spite of that description, it is not at all sweet. 

Though having enjoyed this wine for years, it was not until we purchased a case recently that I noticed my picture was on the box, and, yes on the label!  :-)  My husband thought it only fitting that they plant my picture on the bottle and carton considering the 'quantities' of it that I drink!  He is such a tease.

Yes, there I am - proudly pointing at the vine.

I used this EXP image of myself (instead of the mirror) to paint a self-portrait.   (Don't worry R.H. Phillips, this portrait is only for personal use!)  I thought a question mark might be more personal to point at than a cluster of grapes (plus it mirrored the hair!).  My husband suggested the lone tear to distinguish the painting from the EXP label.  The tear bothers me (doesn't fit/work), however, and I think I may remove it from the painting. 

Eh voila - moi.

P.S.  No one was drinking or harmed during the production of this post.  ;-)


  1. Who would have thought this possible- breathable glass? And the image is totally whimsical!

  2. teehee. hows it feel to be famous and on bottle of wine every where?

  3. Breathable glass? No wonder your image is pointing at the question mark- which by the way- I LOVE! I like the tear not so much because it is a tear but because it offers some light in the dark side, like the yin yang thing.


    Oh my, we S love wine and especially a full bodied chardonnay that is rich with oak and buttery - I am a fan of r.H. Phillips and know 'Toastedhead' well - wow . I am very intrigued by the Eisch glasses and I will definitely be acquiring some. Thanks you for the reference. Mmmmmmm.

    Love and wine -(nectar of the Gods)

  5. Whoa, i have to say I am a big skeptic when it comes to something like these claims, but knowing you i simply cannot dismiss it if you insist their is this much difference. I will have to come over for a taste test!
    Love the "Self Portrait" Pretty funny that you saw yourself in this image, but it does have something to it. Perhaps we become what we ingest as they say. . . ;)
    I'll have to try this wine as well

  6. Who knew you are so famous! I will be looking for those glasses and the wine. I like a good chard. I'd leave the tear, I think it leads one to wonder about the question.

  7. What a great review. I hope that both Eisch and EXP will reward you. :) The glasses sound intriguing and if I wasn't such a klutz, I'd get some. I tend to buy my better wine glasses at yard sales at 25 cents a piece because the turnover is so high. I love your drawing.. why not exchange the tear for a grape? Or a small bunch of them. ;)

  8. A nice diversion, Bonnie, as wine always is. I am going to search for those glasses right away. With your picture on the bottles, I'm inclined to also seek out the EXP, but my wife and I don't care for the intense "oaky" flavor or some of the California chardonnays. Is this one "oaky?"

  9. PaulC: It is really amazing stemware - made in Germany. We were sceptical at first, but after a demonstration of the difference at a friend' dinner party - we were hooked.

    Glad you enjoyed my attempt at humour.

  10. Hey Brian: Yes! I did recognize myself immediately - shouldn't I be getting some sort of compensation?

  11. Hi Gail: You may have to ask your retailer if they have them or can order them - and I would guess they are cheaper in the States ... although they are imported from Germany.

  12. Hey Gary: I do INSIST these glasses make the wine taste better. We just bought two to start, but have added to our collection and received sets as Christmas gifts. Now there are no fights among family about who gets the Eisch glasses, as we have enough for all. Google Eisch and you can find out more about them.

  13. Sandra: That's it! The tear does evoke all kinds of wondering about the ? that were not in my mind at the time of the painting.

    Let me know what you think, if you get your hands or should I say lips on these glasses.

  14. Hi Hilary: I will think about your suggestions for the painting.

    Guess what - Eisch glasses do not break easily either! We bought our first two in a boutique that specializes in all things "wine" related and the owner took the Eisch glass and banged it against a glass shelf to show us their strength. I was shocked that he would take that risk - and that it apparently was not a risk at all.

  15. Hi George: Oh do! You will be pleased. Many think, oh the cheaper wines will taste better and they do - however, a really fine wine becomes superb in these glasses.

    You know, for years my husband and I would not drink California whites because of the strong oaky flavor. I think they finally realized that to compete in the world market they would have to change and California whites are no longer oaky. EXP has a flavor of buttery toast (hence the original name 'Toasted Head') but not oak, to my palate anyway.

    We pay about $19 a bottle for it here, but your wines are so much less expensive than in Canada -you can probably try it for $11/$12 or less. Not a huge loss if you don't like it. Try some others too - you will be surprised by the lack of oak.

  16. Love the self-portrait! And breathable glass huh? hmmm I will have to try it out too!
    Thanks for the info

  17. Wow, I have never heard of breathable glass! Thanks for the tip. My husband drinks more wine than I do, and it could be a great gift idea.
    Great self portrait. It's always good to pattern ourselves after something we love. (Mine would have to involve chocolate.)

  18. I remember your posting about these glasses Bonnie, and I was intrigued but never ordered any. Hmmmm... now I am thinking maybe at least two would be nice! Love your art work/self portrait!

  19. breathable glass? A contradiction terms, surely? If the glass is permeable how does it hold the wine?

    I love your picture and I strongly suggest you retain the tear. Were you weeping because you had finished the bottle?

    Never mind, have another. Cheers!

  20. Incredible...I have never heard of breathable glass...and YOU are so clever!! Love the portrait...but you bring so much happiness to all of us that I do agree...the tear isn't quite right! :-) But it is really a delightful piece! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Love, Janine XO

  21. I have NEVER heard of this breathable wine glass. How interesting! I must mention it to my SIL who is a wine connoisseur. I just LOVE your painting! Yes, I agree, ditch the tear!


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