Monday, May 3, 2010

...colours of spring...

It is pouring here today and the temperature is warm.  Nature needs a good drink of water and I am happy to work inside.  My postings may be a little less frequent for a while as I am busy with spring gardening and preparing for my daughter's wedding in three weeks. 

When feeling pressed for time, I remind myself how blessed we are to be experiencing both of these things (spring gardening and a spring wedding).  A year and a half ago we were accompanying our daughter in her battle with cancer.  It will be simply glorious to see her marry her wonderful partner and merge their two little families into a family of six.  We will be blessed with not only a new son-in-law, but also two new grandchildren a boy the same age as our oldest granddaughter (10) and a girl the same age as our youngest (7).  We will celebrate their union the same week as our wedding anniversary.  It will be a joyous time for the entire family.


Since this blog was 'somehow' acquired the strange name, 'Original Art Studio' I feel obliged to occasionally feature some of my forays with palette knife and paint. These works are really studies in colour and texture. I do not delude myself that they are any more than that. They are what they are. They took mere minutes to do. I hope the splash of colour brightens your day, and that this type of art post helps me earn and justify the name of the blog. 

You must give birth to your images.
They are the future waiting to be born...
Fear not the strangeness you feel.
The future must enter you long before it happens...
Just wait for the birth...
For the hour of clarity.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

I'm waiting, Rainer.  Truly, I am.



    The upcoming wedding is especially glorious!! :-) This is truly wonderful news and cause to celebrate.

    I love the blends and hues of your paintings - I feel firey and excited and yet a calmness over takes me as I fall in to the mystery of your creative hand.

    Love Gail

  2. congratulations on all the glorious upcoming events with your daughter and her/your new family - such a wonderful time for you all - and of your paintings, i love them - thanks so much for sending their brilliance our way!

  3. I love those studies. The colours are amazing.

  4. YAHOO! Lots to celebrate! That will be an excellent party! Really love the rich colours of your painting- I am hungry for colour! Thanks.

  5. Your colors and textures, including your prose, are more than sufficient to make this a worthwhile visit, Bonnie. Always. EFH

  6. love the vivid nicely done! sounds like you are in for some exciting times...congrats on the new additions to the family. cool that is falls at your nniversary as well!

  7. Our blogging ways get interrupted I am convinced, so that we can fully experience life and have more to come back and blog about :) What a joyful time, albeit stressful in a way too.

    The paintings are strong and evocative! Very powerful and full of energy.

  8. How wonderful to have such delights to look forward to. No wedding preparations for me, but lots of happy gardening. The temperatures here have dropped a bit, which might put a temporary stop to the mad Spring rush, but I can't get over how quickly everything in the garden is changing.

    In spite of being far too busy to add yet more to the blogging 'burden', I have today decided to start Friko's Poetry and Pictures' blog. It is pure self-indulgence. I will only mention my own favourites, from all over the world, mostly in translation, of course. Wish me luck!

    Your 'Original Art' name is well deserved. You need neither apologise, nor explain.

    My best wishes for your family celebrations.

  9. How lovely - your family celebrations. What a joy.

    Your last image reminds me of a dock's reflection in the water at sunset. Thanks for the splash of colour.

  10. Love the color in your paintings, Bonnie! You are one talented lady.

    I am so happy your sweet daughter is now looking forward to a bright and happy future. You are truly blessed this Spring. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Congratulations, Bonnie, on your unfolding blessings. My best wishes to all of you. The paintings are terrific! As you can probably see from my own site, I am drawn to work that carries a strong personal voice, and I hear that in your artwork.

  12. what a feast of colour!!!! steven

  13. I've been distracted of late too, but nothing so exciting .
    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding of your daughter, and um , wow ~ a cancer survivor ~ that 's beyond a blessing.

    those splashes of colour are exactly the kind of images I am often drawn too. You are talented!
    and the quote, oh I heart the quote. I'm waiting too.

  14. Oh, I like them a lot Bonnie.

    And how exciting about the wedding coming up. Will it be a garden wedding?

  15. enjoyable colors and textures..
    Happy Tuesday!

  16. Oh a spring wedding! How exciting!
    Your painting studies are wonderful! Love the colors and the textures

  17. I am late in commenting. We went to Tennessee for a while and then to Baltimore. We just came back and I am busy reading all my blogging friends’ posts. I posted one on my blog while I was away and it will be more than 10 days after I post another one. When I come back like this I like to read all the posts I miss and that can take several days. Great news about your daughter’s wedding. I am so very pleased for you all. I know you must be super happy. Your artwork is lovely and you don’t have to be shy about it - you have great feeling for shapes and colors.


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