Thursday, April 22, 2010

a walk through a northern garden

Time for an inspection of the garden with camera in hand.  Please join me.  Let's see how the garden grows!

A peek at a deck (we call it a 'belvedere') that hangs overlooking the creek.

Looking in the other direction, you can see that much of our land slopes down to the creek.

Look at these beautiful round buds on an old apple tree - still producing!

Here I am standing on one little foot bridge looking down at another.  The grass is still in need of more sunshine to grow thick and green after a long winter.

Pure spring water gushes down from the mountain on its way eventually to the sea (creek to Richelieu River to The St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic Ocean).

Long blackberry bush tendrils ready to scratch if you get too close!

Peonies reaching for the sun.


Day Lilies


Brunnera ready to offer up its tiny periwinkle blue flowers.

New green grass (just seeded last year) - especially for bare toes climbing down from a hammock.

My boyfriend serenades us as we walk.

Tiny fern fronds about one half inch in height right now.

I am lying on the ground to get this shot of fragile tendrils emerging from moss on a stepping stone - some red, some green.  They are probably between 1/4 and 1/2 an inch high. 

I cannot bear to clear the moss and tendrils off of the stepping stone.

Sedum and moss in a rock garden.

Can you see the tiny green tendrils coming out of the moss?

He does like to pretend he is not following me.  What a beauty - and he knows it!

Little pink buds all over this bush (Euonymous) that are not being picked up by the camera.

And to finish our little tour, a lonely 'columbine' viola to bid you adieu.

(P.S.  Thank you to Amy for helping me with the spelling of Euonymous!)


  1. Hi Bonnie

    thank you for a gorgeous walk around the estate this beautiful fresh spring morning. Your garden is full of hope and promise, and all seems well with the world.

    Happy days

  2. Oh what a walk you have taken us on here, Bonnie. You have such an exquisite garden mid the joys of spring.

  3. I'm so thrilled to be seeing green again. Winter just sucks my soul right out - even if it's an "easy" one like we had this year.

  4. From one northern gardener to another, I appreciate the tour. You have a beautiful garden indeed!

  5. beautiful...all that stone work and the i dont know that i would leave. smiles.

  6. You have captured bursting spring with such vibrant beauty. I too marvel at the shoots of peonies and the fern fronds bursting out of the soil in our own garden.

  7. The walk around your garden was so refreshing and beautiful!! have a creek near your yard has got to be the best ever of both worlds. I live in an arid water anywhere like that would be a Godsend.


    I loved walking with you this Spring morning - your pictures are so beautiful of your landscapes and nature's bounty. "Thank you" for taking me with you.

    Love Gail

  9. What a beautiful place to live, Bonnie. Your photos capture the magic of the garden that surrounds you. It must be a constant source of peace and inspiration.

  10. LOVE the stone work around your garden, the creek, the tiny sprouts, I am surprised that a fairy didn't show up- Surrounded by peace and harmony and what looks like loads of maintainance- what better way to spend days?Thank you for the wonderful peek, the walk around, the cheeky refreshing and needed, thank you, Bonnie!

  11. Hi Bonnie, I would describe your garden as "paradise." I especially love the moss photos - everything is so lush. As a retired nursery owner I'll throw in "Euonymous" - only a one letter correction! Thank you for taking us along on your stroll.

  12. What an amazing place, I love all the stonework, the bridges, the creek....I could be very creative there. thanks for the walk.

  13. Thanks for getting up close to our Mother on Earth Day. Perfect!

  14. Your home is surrounded with such beautiful views, Bonnie. I remember a post last year, that left me in awe of the property! Your flowers and moss add even more beauty!

  15. Beautiful and peaceful looks like it is well loved!

  16. it is magical,
    I feel refreshed visiting your place without leaving getting out ...

    Happy Thursday!

  17. What a gorgeous yard you have. Can we call it a yard? Park, perhaps? Beautiful, you lucky lady. And great photos, too. Thanks for sharing.xoxox B

  18. Magical garden. thank you for the tour. Isn't it wonderful that we can see all this so close to home; there is nothing better than to go out of your own door and walk into paradise composed of green vistas, the sound of running water, birdsong and the colours of life.

    My peonies are about as far advanced as yours. I think our gardens have more or less reached the same stage of development. The fruit trees are just about beginning to blossom, they will be out if we have just one or two more sunny days.


  19. What a beautiful landscape Bonnie. Can't wait to see it in full bloom!

  20. You have a wonderful garden and I know from my father that it is the outcome of long tending hours...

  21. What a beautiful garden you have there. Is that a live creek (runs all year unless it's frozen I guess)? I wanted property with a live creek and some woods but it was not to be for us it seems. Had to go too far from family and work and spend too much to get it.

  22. Bonnie, I'm laughing at myself here. I've been Googling to see if I could find the name of a red and green moss which I noticed and photographed a few weeks ago. I saw your above image and followed the link back to your blog, never even realizing where I was.. until I saw my POTW logo a few posts earlier. THEN I finally looked at the name of the blog I was searching. Small world. :) I still don't know the name of the moss but it's the same one on your stepping stone that you're featuring in this post. I just thought you'd find my silliness amusing. :)


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