Tuesday, April 13, 2010

trains and textures

Still playing with textures and over-laying my photographs on top of each other to see what I get.   Most of the time I have to un-do the less than satisfactory results, but occasionally I come up with a keeper. 

I have kept 6 examples of the same basic photograph of a train, shot through a chain link fence and then edited using other photographs or textures, in Picasa.  I'd love to hear which one(s), if any, you prefer.

Here is the base image.

1.  Base image overlayed with bokeh (little, blurry blobs of light) texture.

2.  Original train pic overlayed with photo of pink leaves.

3.  Base image overlayed with photo of white hydrangeas.

4.  Original pic overlayed with photo of water.

5.  Overlayed with a sort of pixilated, sepia photo of a wall and birch tree.

6.  Overlayed with sepia photo of feathery grasses (pixelated look again).


  1. I like the blurry blobs, but I find that last two difficult to look at. Looks like fun.

  2. I like the train running through water, not just the image on your blog, but also the image in my mind.

  3. I like the overlay of the pink leaves!!

  4. Water and bokeh would be my picks...

  5. #2 and #6 are my favs...#4 and #5 have a bit too much going on for me...very nice.

  6. My favorites are the pink leaves and the water effects. You must be using Photoshop, right? I can sense the movement - very creative!

  7. 3 and 6. Nice job Bonnie. Fun exercise.

  8. Nos 3, 5 and 6!! The less 'present' the train, the better I liked it. The textures of the last two are very appealing and the hydrangeas are a light, pretty contrast to the train. Aren't you having fun!
    (Honestly Bonnie, sometimes I wonder if you ever sleep)

  9. A really nice layout of comparisons and a fun display of the various options.
    For me, its hands down #1.
    #1 gives us the base photo but with the effect of looking at it almost as a memory or dream like vision. I can still see that its a train being viewed through a chain link fence but the effect brings it up to a level higher than it started off.
    All the other variations have become too busy and overworked. As a matter of fact, i think if it were not for the base photo being there for reference we might not understand what we were looking at with the other variations.

    The effect of #1 raises the image to a higher level than it started out , while the others bring the base image down into obscurity. IMO
    In any case, we have so many options to go with in todays world of digital editing but I have always felt that still no matter what we do the base photo must be good to begin and the after effects can only take it so far.
    Your base photo here is great to start with, and the simple and subtle effect of the bokeh brings it up a notch.

  10. I love them all but number five really grabs my attention- Love the tones and the textures- the contrast of brick and flora and whatever else is going on in there- really like this one- though I really like all of them...tough call.

  11. How much fun to witness your process! I like #5 best. The others are too busy for me. All were interesting to see. Also interesting to read the varying responses.

    Sorry to hear about your UTI and thanks for sharing the alternative cure. Antibiotics take longer to work and it is painful.

  12. What a wonderful experiment!
    I would vote for #2 as being rather haunting and evocative.

  13. I meant #1
    silly me
    the second photo
    but you see I was fascinated as I went back to look again!

  14. 1. bokeh 2. white hydrangeas

  15. I like 2 and 3 best!!! But all are fabulous!! You are so terrific...both your art and photography are so fantastic! ~Janine XO

  16. OK Bonnie I’ll play – I like no. 6 because it looks more like a woodprint - like an illustration to a short story. Something like this – now I have to say it in French ….je l’accompagnais à la gare et il montait dans le train, sans se retourner. Tout doucement le train s’ébranlait, et partait. Je courrais tout le long du quai pour continuer à le voir à travers la vitre – mais cette grille…. il était difficile de continuer à l’apercevoir et à voir le train avec toutes ces herbes folles, ces feuilles qui me bouchaient la vue. Le train prenait de la vitesse, mes joues étaient humides … le revérais-je? A short story starting like that (maybe can be google translated – writing in English is harder for me.)

  17. I like image #1 as I think it has a nice nostalgic feel to it.

    I also find image #6 really interesting to look at as the train is still recognizable but the overlaid texture add so much more interest to the foreground.

  18. I like #3 myself. I haven't tried this technique of overlaying photos. Looks interesting!


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