Monday, April 12, 2010

...this and that...

A few random thoughts:

1.  Have you noticed that blogs that have installed the new templates from Blogger load more slowly - scroll tempermentally - and occasionally freeze?  Sometimes all those new options make for a frustrating experience.

2.  I have learned my lesson about using a saucy, irreverant, double-entendre title for a post.  (Don't bother scrolling down for it - I have changed it.)  Why did it not occur to me that it could attract some off-the-wall types?  Helllllllooooooo!

3.  Are all your favorite go-to-professionals getting ready to retire?  Our family dentist retired a year or so ago and we have not had the same quality care from the dentist who bought his practice.  Now our family doctor is making noises about retirement - suddenly we are having to ask around and shop around for replacements ... and you cannot always get on their roster.  And here I thought I was through having to shop around for doctors, dentists, hairdressers, handymen, electricians, etc.

4.  Had a urinary tract infection (UTI) over the weekend and just before trotting off to the aforementionned family doctor, I decided to look up some natural remedies on  There is one contributor there, a man named 'Ted' who must be a former M.D. or a chemist or something - because he has the best suggestions with a lot of facts to back them up.  (Anyway, if you ever go to that site watch for Ted's tips on what to do for any number of ailments.)

He (Ted) suggested drinking a one time dose of a teaspoon of sea salt in a cup of water for UTIs.  I decided it could not hurt, did it, and experienced almost immediate (within 15 minutes!) relief that has lasted for almost 36 hours so far!  The salt water was not too offensive ... and I am thrilled to not be in pain and not experiencing chills.  Give a try for anything that is not super serious - and use your own good judgment about what tips you follow.

That's it for now.  Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate each and every one of your visits and, of course, your comments.     


  1. Wish I'd had that advice during my last UTI. 104 fever, chills, miserable. Will keep this in mind. Hope you are doing much better now.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Bonnie. I too find it hard to find good medical help when it's necessary.

  3. I'm reminded that I need to go to the doctor and also wondering if I'm an off-the-wall type too. And, if not, why not.

  4. I would have never thought about salt for UTI?!! That is great that your felt relief. I know what you mean about shopping for professionals...again. It is harder the second time around. Nowadays less and less doctors are taking new patients. You almost have to hope a new doc comes into town and wants to build a practice. Sigh!! I feel your pain.

  5. Well bloody hell. That's all I can say to #2. Glad that I got there before you had to change it!

    Thanks for the UTI tip - I'll check out that site, Bonnie. And good luck with your hunt for a doctor - that might be tricky. Here in France I needed to see a dentist but discovered that the one my fav Belgian goes to (and who he thinks is very good) did not wear gloves!! I mulled over that for a while, figuring I'd go elsewhere but finally took the simple approach. Just said I'd like to be his client, but only if he was willing to wear them. 'Pas de problème!' he said. Whew.

  6. blogger itself seems to be slowing down since the upgrade...esp when trying to comment...yeah those titles will definitely bring a few in...hope you have a wonderful day...

  7. Hello, I popped over from another blog to read your post on authenticity and blogging...I thought what a great idea to take the follower widget off...our egos so control our writing at times...but now I see it is back ....just wondering, by choice? Yours is a beautiful blog and beautiful writing...

  8. Thanks for the link to Earth Clinic – I love to use natural remedies and it looks like they have quite a lot. I am afraid to do too many fancy things on my blog as I know French family members read it (even though they never comment) and they have dial-up connections, and it takes forever to open blogs.

  9. Yeah, I'm really not looking forward to my family doctor retiring as it took me years to find one I liked. He moved around from clinic to clinic for a spate of years and I had to track him down on more than one occasion. Fortunately, he hasn't mentioned retiring but he's about my age so I know it will happen.

  10. Thanks for the link to the Earth Clinic, I may end up spending considerable time there, all things considered.

    It's is strange, and sometimes sad, what terms used in a title, attract a following to a blog.

  11. wonderful random thoughts! and i will have to check out the earth clinic. i hope you are feeling better, UTIs are the worst!
    and i am so behind, i didn't even know there was an upgrade on blogger! where have i been? lol ;p
    hope you are having a wonderful week!

  12. My equine vet retired 5 years ago, left me in a bad spot because he is an old fashioned horse doc. To my great glee he grew bored and came back to work last fall!

    I know my blog does strange things sometimes, but it isn't a new template.

    I will check out the site. I often have random ailments that I may find help for there.

    I have been MIA for awhile, so I missed the blog title.

  13. Damn, I missed the blog title. You wouldn't like to put me out of my misery and email it? Pretty please?

    Any UT, in particular bladder trouble I have, I cure with cranberry juice. it really works.

    As for the rest, having to find replacements for all sorts of professionals is necessary now, because these people insist on getting old as fast as I do.

  14. Thanks for that tip. Now if I can remember it!

    When my gynecologist retired I was so upset! But then I went to her niece and got accustomed to her. Now I found out that she is leaving the practice so I have to switch AGAIN! Arrgh!


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