Thursday, April 15, 2010

A testimonial

I've been abused and kicked around as a door.
Why as a child
I was chiseled away
from my branch of origin
and left hanging around
in a foreign frame.

I've been slammed around until my windows broke
and someone was forever yanking my chain.
Yes, I admit I became a swinger for a time -
and became totally unhinged,
but that chapter of my life is closed

I finally heard the bell
and found my way back to my roots.
In fact, there was a branch of my family
right down the block.

"Familytree.branch" turned the key for me
before I saw dust ... so
I plyed myself away,
 packed my trunk and headed home.
Now I have someone to lean on
and won't be slammed around anymore.

Finally I can say I have found someone to a-dore me
Thank you "Familytree.branch".


"Grown old along with me
I am your family tree."

(Texture on last photograph courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations)

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  1. Glad I stopped by here first thing today. Such a great post, comforting in a strange sort of way. Would that we would all find that place of belonging - of finding the sameness of elements shared by the "other". Best to you, Bonnie. EFH

  2. What a very cool door. I would never have discarded it.

  3. smiles. nice words and what an inspiration in that the texture. sometimes we need to learn to swing on our own to remember we need something to attach our hinges to...

  4. What a wonderfully moving post. And the photos are fabulous! Especially the last one! Love the texture!

  5. Hi Bonnie

    Amazinng pictures and words, blended to tell of a journey that so many of us have ventured upon. Great post.

    Love Gail

  6. One door closes, another door opens. Glad it opened to a well rooted tree with a welcoming branch.

  7. The pictures match perfectly with that door. Wonderful poem, great pictures!

  8. Love the metaphorical trip all attached to the door! How creative. Its pulled me right in and I found myself nodding as I read as its so relatable. The work you are doing with textures is inspiring!

    Thanks for your sweet words, they brought such comfort to me :)

  9. Hi Bonnie

    you are having fun and getting textured all over...

    Happy days

  10. a very imaginative post, nice play on words and pictures.
    Any of it real . . . . .?

  11. Expat: I am pleased and surprised that you find it comforting - although upon reflection I can see why. I was simply trying to find a commentary that reflected my photographs ... eh, voila!

    Ellen: The door was not actually discarded. It was set up on a neighbor's property so that the daughter, a university student, could take photographs. I sat on my deck and took some too with my zoom lens.

    Jazz: Thank you.

    Brian: Thanks. Nice extension of the analogy.

    SueAnn: Glad you liked it - and no, I can't seem to stop putting textures on my photos!

    Gail: Thanks. Yes, the journey of a forgotten door.

    Wanda: Yes, we all need someone well-rooted to welcome us, don't we?

    Pat: Hey Pat - I was trying to be amusing with this post, but somehow it did not come across.

  12. Hi Vicky: Happy you enjoyed it. Your post about something missing touched me too - missing, never to be replaced or forgotten.

  13. Delwyn: I was having fun, trying to come up with every reference I could to a tree, a door, or wood. I a-dooooor-ed doing it!

  14. Friko: Any of it real? Hmmmm ... not quite sure what you mean ... Real door - imaginary commentary tailored to fit the pics. I imagine there is some of me in my representation of the door ... except for the part about becoming a swinger, becoming unhinged, being kicked around, or slammed around ... nothing like that ever happened to me. It was not consciously intended to represent me or anyone I know. Just trying to have some fun playing with double meanings to match my photo.

  15. love the texture on the last one, thanks for the link.

    and your whimsy is appreciated


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