Thursday, April 1, 2010

... still water ...

In times of confusion
when I temporarily
who I am,
I need only
find still, calm, clear water.

I imagine lifting
the cool pool
up into my head
letting its limpid coolness,
its sweet silent presence
gently glide
down, down
through weary cells
collecting all agitation
and washing it away...
leaving only
in its place.

and cleansed,
still waters
tell me...again
the evanescent secret
of who I am
who I always have been . . .

~B. MacEwan-Zieman

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  1. yes...even a gentle stream with just a little burble...

  2. Beautiful, Bonnie...almost hypnotic just to read.

  3. i love the part about letting the water "gently glide down..."
    very soothing read. a nice way to wind down for the weekend.

  4. wonderful words accompanying wonderful images, particularly the first picture. I would swear to it that the water was actually shimmering and moving.

    I went back to the post about the 'here and now' and I thought about it for a while and I think I have understood. Finally. Perhaps I won't forget now.

  5. peek-a-boo lady, you have nice smiley eyes and a friendly smile.
    There, I did say something!

  6. Oh Man, I wish it was so easy- there is a lot of still water around here but I still don't know which way is up half of the time. Maybe I need to go to the dessert...This is a lovely post.

  7. Sometimes when I get all a twitter I will close my eyes and "see" my still calm waters....
    Happy April,

  8. Hi Bonnie

    water is a wonderful metaphor particularly good for calming the spirit...I am looking forward to getting on my paddle board again and gliding over the still clear waters...and feeling the calm as well as imagining it...

    Happy days

  9. My sacred places in nature are all quiet places, but also close to water.

    Places where I can just be, where still waters
    tell me the evanescent secret of who I am.

  10. Ohhhh wowww... you know me well enough to know that this post spoke to my very soul. Lovely-- the poem and photos were just perfect compliments to one another. I don't have the words for how wonderful it was to see this post. Thank you.

    I came by to thank you for the input on my interview photo dilemma, and I'm so VERY glad I came when I did.


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