Monday, April 19, 2010


As I was busy overlaying different flower photos over this photograph of one of the buddhas in my home, suddenly...unintentionally... buddha was holding what looked like a cigar! 
This is not meant to be disrespectful - but I always enjoy a good giggle and hope you will too.  After all, Freud did say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!   And I suppose, sometimes an image of a buddha with a cigar is just an image of a buddha with a cigar. 
Actually in this 'overlay' buddha really has the stamen of a flower propped in his hands - but let's say it's a cigar tempting a buddha from Cuba - just for now!

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  1. In some cultures, when gathered in a ceremonial circle... they pass around a stick (or other totem)... whoever holds the stick is the one who gets to speak... the others listen deeply, without commenting, until the stick is passed, then it is their turn. Deep listening... that's what I thought of, anyhow, when I saw this photo. I think the Buddha would appreciate that!

  2. becky: I think the buddha would appreciate that too. I have been to gatherings where a talking stick was used and it is a lovely, respectful tradition.

  3. yay! its back...smiles.

    actually i like the pic...and i too think he would not mind. sure he would have no trouble finding a light.

  4. I think he is just admiring it's shape and scent.

  5. Your explanation made me laugh out loud. And yes, Brian -- I'm sure he'd find a light or just emanate enough to ignite a cigar. But like Ellen says, maybe -- even if it's a cigar and not a talking stick -- he's just fully present, taking in its texture, scent, feel and significance. I just love it when things so unexpected happen and make us experience a big cosmic belly laugh!

  6. Bonnie I think this picture is creative and kind of pretty, whether it is a stick or a cigar. But you know I was thinking, and I will also say that I mean no disrespect, but if you did this type of photo with a picture of Jesus instead of the Buddha and a cigar would appear, or a stick, would you publish it? Really?

  7. Vagabonde: Well, I only edit and tinker with my own images. That is an image of a buddha in my home that I photographed. I do not have images of Jesus in my home - thus no photographs of him to tinker with.

    But to answer your hypothetical question - first of all Jesus is considered to be God by many, whereas Buddha is not considered to be god by Buddhists but an enlightened being who demonstrated how we could all become 'buddhas'.
    So as not to offend anyone about their god, I would probably not publish such a picture of Jesus, IF ever I had tinkered with one.

    I thought twice about publishing this edited photo and in fact did publish it last Friday and took it down while second guessing myself. With Brian's encouragement I put it back up ...

    I am a person who is rather irreverant, likes a bit of controversy, and has been caught many times giggling at things I should not, etc. So ... thought I would reveal my more 'diabolical' side and there it is.

    For those who have not read this blog much, I do honour the words and work of The Buddha - and intend nothing negative toward him or his teachings with this post.

    I will publish all comments received with whatever feedback comes. :-)

  8. Thanks, Bonnie, I appreciate your answer. I have read the following just a couple of days ago. It is by Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen teacher Lama Surya Das: “As a longtime meditator and student of Buddhism, when I myself see a Buddha statue, I intuitively sense that I'm looking in a mirror at my highest, deepest, truest, and most authentic best self. It is not merely something to imitate -- in dress, shape, or hairstyle -- but something to emulate in terms of seeking what the Buddha himself sought and found, in order to find it in myself along with recognizing that in others, and then acting accordingly. The Buddha is actually an archetype representing enlightenment, an icon symbolizing inner wisdom, a pointer towards the possibility of a level of spiritual awakening embodying the fullest actualized potential of human beings.” It may not be the picture of a God as some religions have Gods, but it is highly revered throughout Japan and Southeast Asia. In Thailand they are not supposed to sell Buddha statues and ornaments to non-Buddhists (although I am sure they do) as they fear for its image.

  9. I like the colors of the overlay, and I like the idea of it as a talking stick. :)


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