Friday, April 9, 2010

Reflections on Light

For the rest of my life I want to reflect on what light is.
~Albert Einstein

I saw light gleaming in the unseen.
I gazed at it continually,
until the time came when
I had wholly become that light.
~Abu'life-Hosain al-Nuri

God is Light. God is said to be absolute -- and in physics, so is light.
God lies beyond the manifest world of matter, shape, and form,
beyond both space and time --
so does light.
God cannot be known directly
nor can light.
~Peter Russell

You are the entire universe.
You are in all,
and all is in you.
Sun, moon, and stars
are revolving in you.

There is not one cell in our body that was not once part of a star.
~Carl Sagan

Time and space are but...
colors which the eye makes,
but the soul is light.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is no way of telling people
that they are all walking around
shining like the sun.
~Thomas Merton

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  1. What wonderful thoughts to start my day Bonnie. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful thoughts and amazing photos!!

  3. Just as i was reading this the sun came out! WOW! I also think that some people are shinier than others, not because of personality or looks or bling- just that they are. Some call them Auras, I don't know but in a crowd there are some that have their lights on bright all the time. My son is one , I am reckoning that you are as well.

  4. Beautifully inspiring post!
    Have a sparkly day.

  5. My #1 all-time kindergarten hit song?

    "This Little Light of Mine."

  6. I liked Carl Sagan's quote best closely followed by Thomas Merton's. A lovely and very diverse collection of reflections (!) on light. I never know what I'm going to find here, Bonnie. It's great!

  7. very cool post. i am inspired. thank you.
    i found you on a tulip post, saw you are canadian and thought i would say hello.
    and since you like david bowie, i have complete respect.

  8. Beautiful photographs, bonnie. Photographs are all about light, as is everything. Without light, we are not.
    Beautiful post and lovely work.
    Need to find time to stop in more often, i'm missing so much.

  9. smiles. some wonderful quotes here...let that light shine and shine...

  10. Lovely quotes! I absolutely love a good, meaningful quote! In fact, I was just compiling some of my current favorites for an art project last night... so it was interesting to see all these here today! Amazing the power of words to inspire!

  11. Wonderful thoughts, insights, and a stunning photo.

    I'm still wondering how you took it.


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