Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...pity the pretty, pink blossoms...

Snow has been falling all day.  I had hoped there would be no accumulation because of the warmth built up in the soil from so many sunny, warm April days this year ... ha!! 

The snow is wet and weighing heavily on fagile petals of these magnolias and another pink-bloomed bush.  Temps are below freezing, of course, and you have to wonder how these blooms will survive.  So far they are still looking beautiful, and even rather perky, under the blanket of snow. 

Branches are coated with a layer of ice making one wonder if the boughs will break as the wind blows.

Another opportunity to observe our powerlessness in the face of nature's capricious whims.  Hope you are all safe, dry and warm and can look out at the beauty of this snow storm, rather than feel its sting.

(All of these photographs were taken while in the comfort of my home - through the window!)


  1. What a rude awakening for those young blooms! I've not had snow after my star magnolia has begun to flower, so I don't know how tulip magnolias might react. They must have a mechanism for recovery, though, I'd think. Unless they're one of those plants that's really risky in your growing zone.

    Oh, by the way, the John O'Donohue show on PBS is being shown mostly on the east coast until summer, but I ordered it from Sounds True. You're right - it's magnificent. I need to watch several times to make sure I'm absorbing the richness of what he has to say. It's like trying to eat a mountain of rich, dark chocolate in one sitting (without the stomach ache).

  2. love the feeling of these,

  3. Sure does look pretty though. But I feel for you.

  4. bonnie...this is just crazy to me...its a cool 67 degrees, the sun is shining and you got me shivering...

  5. They'll survive. But it is a weird thing. Where I live is farther north than where you are and yet, it is warm and pleasant. My peonies are way more advanced. It is a topsy-turvy year. We are a month ahead and you have snow. I'm confused. And your photos are lovely. And I'm glad it's not here. I'm sorry, but I am. : )

  6. Well, heck. Makes my heart hurt to see those blooms covered in coldness.

  7. I so hope your beautiful blossoms don't fall due to the weight of the snow. That would be so sad. Love your photos. They show the fragility of those petals. Enough snow...it's spring already!! Sheesh! We got snow too! Sigh!

  8. bonnie i rode through the windy cold edge of this weather and when i got home i saw the snow and wondered how the spring risers and bloomers would fare. i bet they make it through all the same. these are very pretty pictures. steven

  9. While I pity the pink flowers, they certainly gave their lives in a beautifully artistic cause.

    What a way to go!

  10. On my way to work I saw so many huge branches had broken off the trees. I guess the fact that the leaves are already in was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. I hate when that happens...

  11. Beautiful series of images! Sorry about the snow ..... hoping you see sunny skies and warm weather soon!

  12. oh how sad, and just when we thought winter was finally over. our warm days have been forecast to end by tonight but I do hope there'll be no snow. there is too much happening in the garden. it would break my heart to see all the blossom die. Besides, it also means there will be no fruit in the summer.

  13. Those blossoms will come back with a vengeance. Just wait and see! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  14. Simply beautiful...but brrrr! Poor you! Hope this is the last blast, and that May brings warmer temps for you! Your photos as always are spectacular! ~Janine XO


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