Friday, April 23, 2010

... look what a reconfiguration can do ...

This is a photograph of glass beads that sit in a bowl in my office.  I love this photograph as is, but look what a little photo editing can do:


This is the same photograph, but it has been 'embossed' and 'kaleidoscoped'.  It is so easy to do it feels like a 'cheat' - but you do have to find the right photograph to work with.  I tried it with other images and did not produce as sweet a result as this.  Well ... I am delighted by it ...

Editing photographs makes me think of how we deal with our problems and concerns:
Are we creative?
Do we try to see other perspectives? 

Do we approach the concern from different angles? 
Do we shake things up?

Do we reconfigure the way we have mentally constructed the issue?
Or do we always approach our problems at the same level at which they occur? 

Why not shift an issue around the same way a kaleidoscope reconfigures all the little pieces of glass? 

Perhaps a new angle or perspective will allow a beautiful opportunity,
hidden in the perceived problem or concern, to emerge.

 It's all about perspective ...

How can you look at a problem today with fresh eyes
and find order, symmetry and beauty where you thought there was none?



  1. I have to go to others for that. I always will get a different perspective from someone else.

  2. Stunning beauty and your questions about reconfiguring and being creative are so meaningful.

  3. what a cool new view...and some wisdom like a cherry on top...

  4. FANCY photo! More smart words that give so much! Thank you bonnie! LOVE

  5. Your approach for looking at problems is food for thought. Especially if re thinking the way I looks at certain situations produces as marvelous results as your photo editing.


    Great pictures and post. I agree - when we look at a problem from a different vantage point the view or understanding changes. And some times, 'it' IS what 'it' IS. :-)

    Love to you

  7. Wonderful photos! And I like to look at a situation from different perspectives and angles. You never know what creative solution may make itself known.
    With my art...I literally take photos along the way of the process and use them to "see" how the piece is coming along. It is a great help to me!

  8. Very cool! With the star in the middle it looks like a super nebula!

  9. Beautiful pictures, both of them, and I like the idea of looking at our problems from different perspectives. so much wisdom here. Take care.

  10. I expect you are right, after all, you are the professional, the one with the experience and answers.
    But when I am stuck inside a problem I find it extremely hard to 're-configure' it. In fact, the problem goes round and round in my head, in the same, well-worn groove, until I go almost crazy.

    A clear-eyed look, gaining a bit of distance, is hard to achieve on one's own. I must remember your words here the next time it happens.

    It's easier with a photograph of beads. A very graphic demonstration and very astute.

  11. Lovely post to eye & mind!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  12. I'm a bit like Friko - my internal dialogue is not very productive and I find it hard to take a step back and fresh look. On the other hand, I live with someone who has a remarkable ability to shift his perspective on just about anything and while I haven't learned to do that, I rely on him to come up with the goods.

    Very neat comparison to make, Bonnie, and very cool photo. Analogies are most useful to learn from.


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