Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...look what happened while we slept...

Yesterday, Monday April 26th, 2010 my daughter and her two darling girls came over for supper.  Homework was done outside on the deck in a warm summer-like temperature.  The umbrella was raised to shelter eyes and heads from the sun.

It felt like summer and bare arms were the order of the day.

Tuesday April 27, 2010 we awoke to find snow on the same deck that only yesterday was bathed in warm sunlight.  Talk about be prepared for change!  What happened?

From my office window the snow can be seen sticking to the branches of the trees.  Do you see the little green shoots of leaves trying to brace themselves against wind, cold and snow?

And here is one of the flower beds where I took photos last week to show the spring growth of many of my perennials.

A well-known and much beloved Quebec song-writer/poet, Gilles Vigneault wrote: "Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver" - translation:  'My country is not a country, it's winter'.  He must have seen many April snow falls during his life here in the great white north.  Comes with the territory.

Mon pays

by Gilles Vigneault
"Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver
Mon jardin ce n'est pas un jardin, c'est la plaine
Mon chemin ce n'est pas un chemin, c'est la neige
Mon pays ce n'est pas un pays, c'est l'hiver . . ."

P.S. - Two hours later:   HELP!   The snow refuses to stop.  I didn't think it would accumulate like this, but it is ...  Yesterday my husband had been debating whether he could squeeze in a golf game today ... and I had planned on going shopping for a pair of sandals!  It now looks like a good day to hunker down inside, make a pot of soup, light a fire, curl up on the couch with a good book, and whine about the weather on my blog!

P.P.S. - 10 hours later:  Still snowing and still accumulating:


  1. that is insane...lol. so glad snow if done in our neck of the woods...

  2. I see the stalks of your peonies are stretching high. Hopefully the powdery winter visit won't effect their future blooms. Beautiful yard!

  3. Solace can be taken in it can't last. The extremes of the northland can give a person whiplash.

  4. incredible! and here, too, the temperatures reflected almost as winter yesterday and today! bahhumbug! the world awaits spring and summer!

  5. I can absolutely relate! Its been an unusual spring in that so far this year, no snow in April, but I won't breathe a sigh of relief until at least June. As far as I know, we also don't have a song in the US that reflects this as well as Canada does :) Great shots! Hopefully it wasn't too much of a cold snap and everything will bounce right back.

  6. Peonies in Snow is Wrong, but the photos are beautiful!
    Hope mine will be OK, it may get down to 1 degree above freezing tonight!

  7. We missed the snow and the recent promised rain, but it is cold here today.

    Relax and enjoy your soup, as Annie promised, "The sun will come out tomorrow...."

  8. Ah, Canadian weather....if you don't like it, just wait a minute. This made me laugh, Bonnie, as it's so typical, although I didn't realize Montreal was a bad as Calgary for this sort of thing.

  9. I was in sandals and capris yesterday and we are expecting 10 inches of snow tonight! Ghaaa When will winter end?

  10. Goodness me Bonnie, what a freak of nature. We do sometimes get snow here at this time of year bvut not in that quantity.
    One of our comics, Billy Connolly, once said that there are only two seasons in Scotland - June and Winter. Looks as though that might be true for you too.

  11. If I had a sunny space like that in which to do my homework, I would have liked school much more than I did :-)

  12. Weeding out the sissies- that mother nature thing...What a rude surprise for tender shoots. You really got dumped on- wow, that is a lot for a spring snow! Sandels, ha!

  13. Ack! As soon as you mentioned Gille Vigneault, I heard the tune running through my head. I always loved that song. And despite what it symbolizes, I also like the song Gens du Pays.

    I hope you have a quick thaw, thriving plant life and more bare arms before you know it. And please don't send it this way!

    Word verification is renel or René L. Must have been the mention of Gens du Pays. ;)

  14. My husband and the garden shop has been warning me that winter is not yet over here. Today is brisk but in full bloom.

  15. We had snow here too!! I sat around and whined for sure! I was trying to dry some handmade paper outside!!! Oh dear!! The trials and tribulations of being an artist!! Sigh!


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