Monday, April 12, 2010

light shimmers between thoughts & in poems

In the gap between thoughts
non-conceptual wisdom
shines continually.



As drops that dream and gleam
and falling catch the sun,
Evanescent mirrors
every . . . one.

~Ezra Pound
(speaking of poems)

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  1. evanescent mirrors...nice.
    wonderful pic as well
    thanks for your thoughts on my post today.

  2. Wow, stunning. glimmering and shimmering with light and substance visually resembling the content and insight of your posts and great comments. . .
    Ethereal, eye candy as well as substantial food for thought.
    love this.

  3. what a gorgeous photo! and i love those words of wisdom. the first quote really made me stop & think. thanks for always sharing such beauty! :)

  4. well yeah bonnie!!! so absolutely true and beautiful!! steven


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