Saturday, April 24, 2010

let the world tickle your heart

Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness.
It comes from letting the world tickle your heart,
your raw and beautiful heart.
You are willing to open up,
without resistance or shyness
and face the world.
You are willing to share your heart with others.

~Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche


The teachings mean what they say:
that mind, experience, and phenomena are one;
that pleasure and pain,
existence and non-existence,
life and death
are inseparable;
that there are no limits to intelligence;
and that any negative circumstance whatever
can be transformed into wisdom
and used as a means of further realization...
We are saying to all the demons of chaos:
"Come and visit me,
if you like.
Since there is no one for you to harm,
there is no reason for me to fear.
Your presence just inspires me to wake up."
In Buddhist tradition
this is called the lion's roar,
the fearless proclamation
that egoless intelligence
is unborn and undying
and cannot be defeated or destroyed.

~Stephen T. Butterfield

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  1. Well, I'm not quite as brave as that, but I'm open to being tickled on occasion.

  2. Marvellous shot! Thank you for your kind comment on My Muskoka.

  3. Interesting. I imagine this could be true, but can you really attain total fearlessness? I guess what is being said is don't fear what you don't know or understand? That I can understand. My horse's trainer thinks I'm fearless, but I'm not. I like the photo.


    Wow, strong words. I do think harm can be caused - and that sadly it is at times a persons intent to be harmful. However, it is up to us to forge on and heal our wounds and from that experience we draw wisdom and character and scars we can proudly wear. I have a few and they are reminders that I survived.

    Love to you

  5. Barry: I'm dying to go there, but I won't. :0)

  6. Sandra: I think much of eastern thought seems foreign to we westerners because it is based on letting go of ego. Ego is fear-based and bound.
    So, no in our usual state of mind fearlessness is impossible. Meditation is all about using ego focus to transcend itself (ego) ... and according to buddhists when we realize we are nothing and no one, then there is nothing to fear.

    BTW, I write these quotes for myself - hoping to attain these states one day. I am able to rest in them on occasion but they are not as yet my default operating mode. I think I am operating on the faulty assumption that if I can just get my ego to understand then I will attain these states ... but it is transcending not understanding that will get me there. Ho hum ... one day ...

  7. Simplicity is more powerful than force.
    The second piece, in particular, strikes an answering chord with me: "egoless intelligence."
    No ego, no problem.

  8. Hi Gail: I love how Byron Katie says that such people are not evil, they are just confused. It does not mean we do not protect ourselves, but it changes the way we think of and relate to our 'oppressors' ... Have you read any of Byron Katie's work (Loving What Is; Who Would You Be Without Your Story?)? They are more Taoist thought, than Buddhist. Very healing. You can check out videos of her doing what she calls "The Work" of inquiry with people struggling with all kinds of issues on Youtube.

  9. both of those quotes are so raw and beautiful heart...oh let me be tickled today...smiles.

  10. So that old saying is true - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

    I do believe that! It's making it through that rough period that's hard!

  11. such a timely message for me - in taking apart just a few words of your beautiful message - that of life and death being inseparable - and while i intellectually understand and accept the concept it remains something with which i think we all grapple to some degree when the bell tolls for someone close to us - in any event, this message is much appreciated and inspiring to us all to let loose our own lion's roar to the demons of chaos! beautiful, bonnie - thank you! and thank you for your faithful following and inspirational words at my places! namaste' - jenean

  12. Great post! I am hestitant about the whole world tickling my heart! LOL

  13. If God is for you...nothing can stand against you. This is what I try to keep in my heart.

  14. Fearlessness is the product of tenderness... I like that. Humility and letting go can bring courage and acceptance.

  15. Opening up without resistance and shyness seems to be a lifelong struggle. Wonder what Rimpoche would think of being able to do this progressively better as you experience more and more of life itself? Thanks for throwing this down, dear Bonnie. Always a great gauntlet of growth here....EFH

  16. I like the idea of it all being one...because it is. It just depends on your perspective how you see it.

  17. I've discovered your blog and I've explored your amazing contributions--all of them. Fabulous. You're very talented.


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