Monday, April 26, 2010

...for the poets among us...

This post is a little thank you to all the poets among us here in this little corner of the blogosphere (happily there are many of you).  I so appreciate the silken words you offer up ... thoughts that soothe, nudge, provoke, confound, trouble, inspire ... and above all, make me rejoice. 

Poetry was all written before time was,
and whenever we are so finely organized
that we can penetrate into that region
where the air is music,
we hear those primal warblings,
and write them down.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

The need of the times works inside the artist
without his wanting it, seeing it or understanding its true significance. 
In this sense he is close to the seer, the prophet, and the mystic. 
It is precisely when he does not represent the existing canon
but transforms it
that his function rises to the level of the sacral,
for he then gives utterance to the authentic and direct revelation of the numinous. 
~Erich Neumann

A book (a poem?) must be an axe for the frozen sea inside us.
~Franz Kafka

I am the eye with which the Universe
Beholds itself and knows itself divine.
~Percy Bysshe Shelley

The function of the imagination is not to make strange things settled
but to make settled things strange.
~G.K. Chesterton

A poet needs to keep his wilderness alive inside him.
~Stanley Kunitz

In the mouth of the dragon there are many jewels.
~Buddhist proverb

Let us risk the wildest places
Lest we go down in comfort, and despair.
~Mary Oliver


  1. Beautiful thoughts to start my day! Thanks

  2. wonderful post!

    let us all "risk the wildest places"!

  3. I am NOT a poem writer, and I envy anyone who can write them. I appreciate poems, even the ones I don't understand!

  4. You must have been speaking directly to me. I spend the weekend at a writers' workshop and had taken 5 poems with me for my "group" manuscript sessions, where I had to sit silently as the workshop leader and the nine other participants gave me feedback. I will use their feedback, adjust as I think appropriate, then possibly post the edited poems on my blog. Most of them have already been posted in earlier draft forms.

  5. very cool. love those quotes...and i too am thankful for all the poems that inspire me and challenge me to be better.

    great pic too!

  6. love love

    thank you for adding these to my day.

  7. There is something other-worldly about some poetry and these quotations here confirm this. I also like poems which tell of everyday events, everyday things we see, ( Ted Hughes and others), without going into the realms of preciousness. Poetry is a large part of my life, I have yet to be brave enough to post any of mine;

    Poetry is music for the soul, let us continue to enjoy it. How wonderful that there are so many poetry lovers in this corner of blogland.


    Happy Monday!

  9. bonnie i like that poetry tells an essence. that alone amazes me. steven

  10. Oh, fantastic! Thank you, Bonnie. I need these reassuring words today. I'm venturing into creative waters that feel like a wilderness... these poems about poetry and art are healing and uplifting.

    Best wishes to you, blog-amie!

  11. Thank you, Bonnie! :-)

    It really is nice to have found other poets and poetry appreciators - I know so few in real life.

    If I've not said this before, I've meant to: your blog is a pleasure to visit - thank you for the gifts you give with it.


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