Wednesday, April 28, 2010

before and after

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, oops Winter ... wait a minute, isn't April in North America supposed to be Spring?

  Thought I would show you some of the before and after shots of this snowstorm.  The 'befores' are Monday.  There are a couple of photos of 'during', and the 'after' photos were taken early this morning, Wednesday.

Late yesterday afternoon                                                Early this morning

Peonies growing happily in the sun on Monday.

Peonies at far end of flower bed still standing as snow begins on Tuesday.
Peonies crushed and under snow this morning, Wednesday.

Blackberry bushes growing happily on Monday.

Blackberry bushes crushed by snowfall on Wednesday

The snow is heavy and sticky - great for making a snowman.  But there is just something WRONG about making a snowman in Spring.  I've already put my winter play clothes away!  What is happening to our formerly predictable weather patterns?


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  1. woohoo. congrats on the potw...see i was in good company. that snow still boggles my mind...

  2. I so didn't need to see this!

  3. Is it melting at least Bonnie? Its chillier here today than it has been in a long while. I heard the snow was to the west of us but we just missed out on it :) The pictures are just a bit surreal aren't they?

    Congrats on being post of the week!

  4. We are all experiencing unusual patterns. Overall, March was the warmest it has even been since statistics have been kept. It doesn't mean it was warm everywhere, though. Love the contrast of before and after pictures.

  5. Ooooooooo are right this is just wrong!!! I love the before and!! That is a lot of snow Bonnie!! Geesh!! Pretty cold down here in Idaho today too..back to several layers..last week we were in short sleeves!! will melt soon hon...really soon I hope!
    Hang in there! Love, Sarah

  6. There are people over here who think this kind of wildly unpredictable weather must be awful, We know better, right, Bonnie? Right????

  7. hey bonnie, we were told by the weather man that this sort of weather is entirely predictable for the eastern parts of ontario and especially quebc at this time of year. it's hard to accept when the phrase crushed peopnies is uttered but the good part is that it's more water int eh ground for people on wells, farmers, and yes even gardeners. it's been fairly dry. steven

  8. This snow sucks!! And you are is just plain wrong this time of year! Poor peonies!!
    And congrats on your POTW

  9. What a disheartening sight. We're expecting 24C here on Friday. Amazing since we usually get your weather within a day or so. I hope you find the warmth soon.

    Thanks so kindly for the linkage. :)

  10. Congrats on Post of the week!

    I hear ya on the snow situation! We've been fighting snow all the way through Montana on our drive back home! Enough already!


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