Monday, March 8, 2010

a writing prompt ...

Thought maybe some of you out there who enjoy writing little vignettes or poems or haikus might use this mosaic as a writing prompt.  Just one condition - I'd love to get to read what you write, so please leave a comment with a link.  Or you can write right here in your comment.  Have fun!  (My attempt is in the comments.)

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  1. Okay, here's my little offering off the top of my head:

    These flowers aren't red,
    The tractor ain't blue
    Come out of the shadows
    Tell me, please - statue?

  2. i'll be back in the morning with something on this...

  3. Shadows play
    on the walls
    of my mind
    Some dance
    slipping and sliding off shiny things
    Some bury themselves deep in the cracks of the flaking paint
    But mostly they flit among the branches
    of the old trees
    in my Soul


  4. Beautiful pictures they inspire me
    Lighting the fire of my imagination
    Flowering flowers, plows that plow, trees that glow from the snow
    Shadows that flow leaving a pattern for my imagination

  5. NollyPosh: The shadows are evocative. Thank you so much.

  6. Remistuff: It's wonderful when we allow our imagination to take flight as you did here. Thank you.

  7. Ok mine disappeared...I will try again..LOL!

    Despite the brown we see everywhere,
    it is proof that Spring is near.
    Light greens and growth will soon be waking,
    Spring is in the making.

    Ok so it is early and I have not had coffee yet LOL! That was fun hon. Thank you!
    Hugs, Sarah

  8. Hey Sarah! Love it! Thanks for joining in - a little fun is what it is all about.

  9. I'm not a creative writer *sigh*. But I enjoy the visual of your photographs and the efforts of your talented readers.

  10. The colors are muted,
    Except for the stones.
    Soon trees will be suited.
    With greens of their own.

  11. Silken wet
    Worn smooth in water concert
    Comfort in their settled bed
    Shifting, slipping
    Warm-hued design of deepest earth.

    (I loved the stones pictures, Bonnie!)

  12. Sandra: Well, what you write about politics always grabs my attention - not for just how astute, but for how beautifully formulated. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  13. Deborah: Nice - you see things I hadn't, but that become evident once the words are attached to the image. Thank you.

  14. Hi Bonnie- Here goes:

    I bow to the statue
    Is it the earthly God I seek?
    The willow branches sting my arms and legs
    I run to the rocks
    I walk hard, barefoot
    I find relief.
    And still I sense confusion, cold.
    I shiver
    And then,
    I see life-
    I feel warm
    I can finally go home.

  15. Hi Bonnie

    When you navel gaze
    in the quiet of the trees
    or on the shores
    of a stony beach
    you may still the machinery
    of the mind
    and sense that all that glitters
    is not gold...

    Happy days

  16. Hi Gail: Thank you - love how you found your way home through the mosaic!

  17. Hi Delwyn: Ah yes - that glittery machinery of the mind!! Well said. I was wondering when someone would reference the navel!

  18. wrapped only in shadow
    your delicate skin
    smooth as stone
    makes me wish
    i was a bulldozer
    among your trees..

    lol. i think i got them all...

  19. Brian: Very nice ... but I thought we were going to keep it a secret?!


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