Thursday, March 25, 2010


"Inner disarmament means a well-developed tolerance
that frees you from the compulsion to counterattack. 
For the same reason,
we also call tolerance the best armor
since it protects you from being conquered by hate."

~Dalai Lama

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  1. ironically our minds are running in similar circles...just posted on tolerance...

  2. Wonderful, Bonnie.

    Peace comes with tolerance.

    much love

  3. very powerful post. i need to remind myself to be more tolerant of others, for sure. thanks so much for the lesson. :)

  4. Its so hard to be tolerant sometimes.. and turning the cheek..What I would give for the strength of character of the Dali Lama..It would be wonderful to be free of all those emotions.....but sometimes ......

  5. Accepting others comes from being at peace with yourself...when you are at peace with yourself, you can be at peace with others...Once again, you make me think, Bonnie! You have such a wonderful gift! ~Janine XO

  6. He is such an incredibly wise man.

  7. OH Bonnie- this IS good! perfect timing, too. I must thank you and if I were closer I would kiss the hem of your garment! Yup, I needed this one!

  8. Now, THIS one, I understand. Just talking with my favourite Belgian this morning about not reacting to another's slings and arrows. I used the term 'remaining neutral' in describing how I prefer to feel about such a thing, but being tolerant is exactly it.

  9. Oh Bonnie..this is so powerful a tool! It took me years to learn this one..and will take many more to perfect!!
    Hope you are well and having a great week hon!
    Hugs, Sarah

  10. I am copying this quote. I need a daily reminder of tolerance...

  11. Hi Bonnie

    I took your advice yesterday when dealing with a very belligerent company rep whose company we had employed. She was so rude I wanted to tell her that she was xxxxxx but instead I thanked her and kept to the facts...very calmly.... tolerance ...hmmmmm

    Happy days

  12. Tolerance is a tough one. I try, but admittedly I am not always successful.

  13. Tolerance is a good way to get to acceptance!
    Everyone knows the world from their eyes. Tolerance gives us the chance to stop our inner talk long enough to see from the others point of view.
    I am very grateful for your thoughtful posts.
    Happy Spring.
    Have some fun,

  14. Wonderful words..but he is Dalai Lama isnt he?? Such a wonderful and kind man.


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