Monday, March 15, 2010

serene light

Coming in but not at the gate,
Going out but not by the door,
This body of mine
Is the land of serene light.
~Gyokko, Zen Poet

to touch or enter
with mercy and awareness
those areas of ourselves
from which we have withdrawn
in anger or judgment.
~Steven Levine

(BZ 2009 photographs layered)

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  1. Such a wonderful, splendid, quiet, healing photo! Really nice, dear Bonnie. It gives me peace, truly does!

  2. beautiful post - and the messages perfect! i love the image!!

  3. Oh Bonnie,

    You ALWAYS give me much to think about and ponder!! You have such depth!! And in very short order have me reflecting on relationships, life and what it means to fully live!!! It is such an honor to call myself your friend, and to follow your work!! Love you! Janine XO

  4. a stunning double image! stunning double poems. elements of softness and hardness in each. steven

  5. beautiful pic...and such peace in the words...happy sunday!

  6. So very peaceful and lovely.
    A see you love plays on words too...

  7. I am trying to understand the words so that I can feel the meaning. Very difficult.
    Gorgeous photograph.

  8. Bonnie, what a lovely, and, yes, serene image! I've done meditations/visualizations of Golden Light emanating from Buddha and shining into my heart, and your image reminded me of them.

    And the two poems are wonderful, both of them. Gyokko must have done a lot of the healing work Levine describes to experience his body as a land of serene light.

    Thank you!!

  9. Peaceful and comforting Bonnie, both the words and the image.

  10. Oh I love your photo and the words are so soothing and peaceful! Thank you!
    Congrats on the POTW award!

  11. What a beautiful photograph, and serene words to wake up to today, thank you for that.

    I'm very intrigued by the photograph, is the leaf super-imposed over the statue, or is it a trick of the light? It's fascinating, the leaves are at once transparent and solid! Well done, and exceptionally well chosen words to go with it. Congratulations on the post of the week mention over at Hilary's.

  12. Thank you all! I'm glad you like the image. I have been editing some of my own photos - adding textures and creating double exposures. This one is a macro shot of apple green/yellow hanging leaves and of a buddha standing in a puddle of sunlight in my home. Layered one on the other produced the effect.

    I hope you all enjoyed and will benefit from Steven Levine's definition of healing. His works were pivotal in my own healing journey.

  13. That is truly beautiful. Congratulations on potw.

    Whoever he may be
    Wherever you may find him
    Make his words your own
    If they are true.

    - The Zenrin

  14. Congrats on POTW mention from Hilary

  15. What a superb photo filled with light and love... and beautiful words too.

  16. I particularly like the writing by Gyokko.

  17. congratulations on POTW.

    just looking at this photo feels peaceful.

  18. Wonderful post so full of light. Congrats.


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