Sunday, March 7, 2010

a path to spring

This is a path I often take when I go for a walk.  I love the lampstands that punctuate it for what must be a couple of miles.  This photograph (above) was taken a couple of weeks ago and there is considerably less snow on it now.  We have had a couple of glorious, sunny days with temperatures above freezing.  

The sepia shot to the left was taken back in the Fall when they were preparing to widen the path and install the lightstandards.  And below - a glimpse of part of the path in its greenest glory before the lamp posts had gone up.

Yesterday DH and I sat on the deck basking in the sunshine with 3 inches of snow still around our feet (much like you will see in the photo below).  Spring in the countryside is beyond glorious, while Spring in the city I find to be much less appealing.  Montreal is a city of hills (many are very steep) and because of the ice and snow in winter much sand, gravel and salt are spread on the roads.  Cars and buses would never be able to negotiate the hills without the help of the city to clear the snow from the city streets.  Once Spring arrives and the snow melts, it takes a while for rains to wash all the sand down the street drains.  In the meantime, on dry windy days the city streets are full of clouds of dust and dirt stirred by every breeze.  So when in town, I keep my eyes upward enjoying the skies and the bourgeonning trees.  But occasionally a spash of colourful crocii insist I gaze downward and oh what a cheerful reward!

P.S.  Does anyone know where dear Alicia from Boylerpf has gone?  In early January she posted saying she was back after having been away from her blog over her busy work period around Christmas.  She has not posted since.  I have e-mailed as well with no response.  I love her posts and sweet visits here and am a little concerned at her abrupt disappearance.  If any of you know her personally, please let me know that she is alright.

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  1. You know, it seems a lot of people are absent lately.

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  3. great questions...she just disappeared. scary how often that hapens here in blog land...

    supposed to be 61 here today....going to college baseball game with my fam, taking a picnic will be glorious.

  4. A beautiful place to take a walk. So peaceful.
    I haven't seen yor at my blog for sometime, would love to have you visit again.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Take care.


    yur pictures are SO beautiful. I love your landscape and area. ANd I don't know Alicia. I will 'keep an eye' for a mention of her though.

    Love Gail

  6. Lovely post ....simply lovely.

    It's funny, but here in the cove we fight the lights. On our side of the cove, we have light restrictions, but on the other side, they put up three street lights and we are not happy - in the lush late spring, summer, early fall, we can't see them as much as in the leafless time...

    I do love that path walk though - I can envision you walking....

  7. The crocuses (I just can't do the Latin!) are beautiful, and how typically Canadian to have them blooming in a blanket of snow!

    That path would invite me out for a walk every day, I'm sure. You live in a lovely spot, Bonnie. But I guess you already know that!

  8. I love your photography in this post, especially the leafy green birch trees. Simply gorgeous!

    As for Alicia, have you tried contacting her on Facebook. She's a FB friend of mine so let me know if you need my assistance. Seems she hasn't been very active there either.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  9. That path will be beautiful to and night now.

  10. that yellow poking up through the ice and snow must be a sight to behold....hoping things continue to warm and spring is not far behind!

  11. What a lovely path to follow in all seasons Bonnie. I do not know the Alicia to whom you refer but I've been struck by all the warm messages going out to Renee, whom I do not know except by hearsay.

    We develop powerful links within the blog community and it is alarming when someone simply disappears. They become a sort of 'missing person' because all the usual ways of connecting are unavailable.

    Hopefully your Alicia will return soon, hale and hearty and with a tale to tell.

  12. Love all your photos, but the yellow croci are absolutely gorgeous....we are so close to Spring.

  13. Hi Bonnie
    I enjoyed seeing the changing pathway and can imagine walking along that route on a daily walk...
    It's hard to believe that bulbs can emerge through the frozen ground and snow blanket....
    Lovely photos thanks Bonnie

    Happy days


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